Crying for the Moon

Title: Crying for the Moon
Author: Sarah Madison
Cover artist: Anne Cain
Publisher: Dreamspinner press
Buy Link: Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 210 pages
Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: This enjoyable story made me forget why lately I have not particularly cared for stories about werewolves and vampires.


Vampire Alexei Novik may have the teeth and the coffin, but he’s given up the lifestyle for an old fixer-upper in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Weary of his past, Alex plans to keep to himself, but it seems his sexy, new neighbor, Tate, can’t take the hint—a good thing, since it turns out he’s handy for all kinds of things around the house. Tate even gets along with Alex’s werewolf friends, though one of them pointedly reminds Alex that their friendship is a bad idea.If a platonic relationship is a bad idea, the growing attraction between Tate and Alex is a disaster waiting to happen. Loving Tate will draw him into Alex’s dangerous world, and Alex is torn between having the relationship he’s always craved and keeping Tate safe. Tate won’t take no for an answer, however, and seems to handle everything Alex can throw at him without blinking. Just when he thinks things might turn out all right after all, Alex’s past catches up with him—forcing him to make a terrible choice.


Lately I only read books which feature werewolves if they are recommended by trusted sources, and I pretty much have given up on vampires altogether. I still check out unusual shifters, but overall after reading so many in the past, I am very weary of “creature features” (to borrow Aunt Lynn’s wonderful expression) and this weariness is not wearing off yet. Crying for the Moon, however, was one of the few and very welcome exceptions. 🙂 It exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I wanted to try a longer book by this writer and I decided that I would do so even if the subject matter did not appeal to me. I am glad that I did because I had a very enjoyable reading experience.

From the moment Alex and Tate meet on page, they have a spark, a connection that I  look for when I am reading a book that has a romantic storyline. And thankfully the author did not tell us that one character felt a sudden and everlasting love towards another and vice versa. I don’t know about those of you who also read this one, but I was already giggling when I was reading what Alex’ first impression of Tate was and here is a sample for you:

“No doubt the angled cheekbones saved Tate Edwards from having his cheeks pinched on a regular basis. The late-day stubble on his jaw was a deeper shade than the rest of his hair, making the contrast between the two striking. His eyes were the unusual shade of brown, so light they looked gold. If Alex had to describe either hair or eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to name their exact color. Tate had skin pale to the point of near-translucence and a light dusting of freckles that kept him from being downright gorgeous.

Pity he didn’t know how to dress.”

Isn’t this awesome? All this admiring of the beauty and the punch line at the end of the paragraph. I knew I was going to love this story from its very beginning.

As the blurb tells us, Alex is tired of his old life and wants to move away from it to a more or less secluded location, so he bought a house and his friends are helping him move. I thought that the author used some traditional parts of vampire and werewolf folklore really well and added some nice fresh twists to it. I thought that Alex’s struggle to be vampire who does not want to forget about his humanity was well drawn without extra angst and that the author really succeeded in creating a very interesting character. I thought Alex’s werewolves friends were adorable, and I liked how Madison managed to keep a nice balance between making the reader remember that these beings can *turn* into blood-thirsty monsters, but they are really not going to forget their humanity either. I really enjoyed Alex’ easy camaraderie with the werewolves because it is not that often that I can read about great friendships in m/m romance books in addition to actual romance. I really enjoyed the relationship Alex has with Nick’s pack. I thought that the author managed to give the secondary characters at least some depth as well. Tate and Alex (especially Tate, but Alex as the POV character also has a lot of funny lines) made me smile and laugh pretty often, pretty much every time they were talking.

Why this one was not a five-star read for me? I thought that Alex’ definitely knows better what he wants from life at the end of the book, so to me he does undergo some changes (a big plus for me), but I did not notice any character growth from Tate. While he is a fully-formed, likeable character already when the book begins, it sort of bothered me a bit.

I also thought that the little surprise at the end of the story was way too easy to figure out, so I took another 0.12 something point 🙂 for the “Hey, yes, I knew that right away” thought that I had when surprise was revealed.

But those are definitely just minor niggles, and I highly recommend this story as a very fun and enjoyable read.



    • I hope you will enjoy this one as much as I did nolagal, please come consider coming back and letting us know your thoughts.

      • Quite enjoyable! I loved the characters and felt like the author did some neat things with paranormal that broke out of the cliched. My only niggle was (as you mentioned) the big “secret” was obvious from the very beginning and I didn’t buy why it wasn’t revealed earlier.

  • Love love love this book. However, either I am really dense or I just wasn’t paying attention because I didn’t see the surprise coming. I was, uh, shocked. LOL. Although in hindsight, it really was easy to tell. I really just wasn’t paying any attention. Great review, Sirius! 🙂

    • No, no Beatrice, I am just always watching for Checkov’s gun to go off so to speak (and I cannot believe that I do not remember the correct expression in English, but hopefully you understand what I am talking about). And no guys, surprise is not a gun ;). But yes, there was for me no other way for the surprise to go off so to speak, so if not from its first appearance, then definitely from the second one I knew that one. I did not realize that the size of the surpise could change though 🙂 Thanks for the commenting.

  • Vampires and werewolves are not usually my thing. But since we generally agree on books, I am going to try this one 🙂

    • Hi Hellga, well, if you just hate werewolves and vampires I would not recommend this book, but if you want lovely fresh take on them, I do 🙂

      • Sirius, I would not say that I hate vampires and werewolves, on the contrary I find the concept very fascinating. Execution, however, is a totally deferent matter and in many instances leaves a lot to be desired. So far I had quite a bad luck with finding a good vampire or werwolf book, so I will happily give this one a chance.

        • Hellga, I am so with you about the execution of these tropes. Let me know whether you liked it when you will get to it then 🙂

  • Hey Sirius
    You stole another one from me – I think I told you when you requested it that I was saving it, but you did a marvellous job. Top notch review and I love your math on the rating. Boy, you’re tough. 😀

      • Finally got around to reading this and I really enjoyed it.
        My only problem was I felt like we didn’t learn enough about Alex and Tate’s backgrounds.
        Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is only a first in a series and we’ll see all the characters (both main and supporting) in other books (and learn more about them).

        • Hi eva, I am so glad this one worked for you. You know, thats an interesting point about their backgrounds (or lack thereof). Come to think about it, I would not mind learning more about Tate’s background, but for me personally I do not think that I needed more of Alex’ backstory. Whatever author chose to share of his story was enough for me for Alex to come alive in my head.

          I would not mind a sequel myself :). Thanks for coming back and sharing your thoughts about the book with us eva.

  • This was so to my taste, many thanks for the recommendation Sirius. It was just fun. The group friendship was particularly strong and unusual. Loved Tate best. 🙂

    • I am so happy you enjoyed this one Raine. I loved Tate too. I wanted to pinch his cheeks and dress him up 😉 and do something else, but it will be spoiler.

    • Well, I hope you will enjoy it. I was feeling the same way and it really worked for me. Please let me know what you thought after you finish. Thanks for commenting LadyM.

  • Well, I love anything with fur and/or teeth so I’m definitely going to have to pick this one up. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. So many books lately it’s hard to know what to choose.

    • I promise you Tam you will find plenty of both – fur and teeth in this book lol. You may also find some of the funniest dialogue I have ever read in this genre.


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