Gay Rom Lit Scavenger Hunt

GayRomLit in New Orleans is fast approaching. The dates are October 13 to 16, two weeks from now, and if you haven’t registered you just might be out of luck. But never say never, Ethan Day says he’ll share his suite with you (yes, I said suite not room) 🙂 if you’re willing to perform certain duties. NO … not those, he has people to rub his feet and massage his shoulders – it’s the in-between stuff that could win you a free place under his sheets. :blush: :diablogrin:

GRL organizers: Amanda Young – Carol Lynne – Ethan Day – JP Bowie – Lynn Lorenz, together with other volunteers, have been working hard behind the scenes to make this the most fun event you ever attended. How could they miss? Ethan is offering to share his bed; Damon Suede says he’ll wear his kilt and he promises to go commando (you can peek to keep him honest) :eazy: and Lynn Lorenz promises to buy everyone free drinks :drinkin: Amanda and Jim haven’t told me what body part they will be sacrificing but they say it’s going to rock your socks.

Best of all here’s the BIG NEWS, something everyone can enjoy. There will be a wonderful Scavenger Hunt organized by the GRL fans at Goodreads, and here are the details:

§  All GRL attendees can join Scavenger Hunt in which players look for 17 AUTHORS.

§  REGISTRATION BAGS will contain clue sheet and empty bracelet for all GRL attendees so they can join in.

§  Players solve gay romance RIDDLES (clues/anagrams) to identify the authors.

§  Authors are a MIX of beloved bestsellers and newer names.

§  Players collect BEADS for their bracelet from each author, building a “European” bracelet.

The organizers iof the Scavenger Hunt say there are more RAFFLE PRIZES at the end.

This will be a lot of fun and a perfect icebreaker as well as the cherry on top of those free drinks that Lynn will be buying. 😆

Keep those sheets clean Ethan, and Damon please wear your cock sock – the extra large knitted ones you requested I send you. :biglove:


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  • I’ll see all of you there. The Bookstore of Doom will be open in my hotel room (the only place you can get paper copies of Nikolai and Niko-Chan) and there will be lots of interesting swag and drawings for even MORE interesting swag, including a custom flash drive containing not only my entire backlist, but sneak peeks of forthcoming novels.

      • Other than me in a black leather corset?

        There’s chocolate…if you come to shop or listen to a reading.

        There are tarot readings. (Yes, I know, redundant in the Quarter) Free One card pull, or a longer reading for a donation to MAGY, the Memphis Area Gay Youth.

        There are readings from my work, both by me and my devoted minion.

        I’d prefer it if folk didn’t raid my cooler. 8)

  • Good God, look at all the excitement I have to look forward to LOL. But not to worry, I’m bringing my 21yo son as moral support… what do you mean, he’ll be off at the bar, seduced by the free drinks offer, instead of guarding Mom, the Bemused Author?!

    I’ll have to console myself with Damon’s kilt issue *wipes brow*, *wipes anything else that needs it*, *gets into trouble with hotel management* …

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to it all, but don’t expect to see me in any photos! 🙂

    • Hello Clare

      They can’t wait to sample all the goods (I mean, sample all the books) :blush:

      Damon’s kilt is an eagerly anticipated treat going by some of the emails I received so you’ll have to get in line.:) I hope you son isn’t easily shocked. You will have to tell me how you persuaded him to attend, other than the free ticket. 😀

      Readers have strict instructions to take photos with their favourite authors – sorry. 😮


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