Recommended Reads for October 2011

Here are the Recommended Reads for October 2011. If there are incorrect links, please leave a comment in the post. Enjoy!

The Little Death by Andrea Speed — 4.75 stars (Sirius)
Simple Treasures by Alan Chin — 5 stars (Feliz)
Sins of the Messiah by Jaye Valentine & Reno MacLeod — 5 stars (Wave)
Summer’s Lease by Scot D. Ryersson — 5 stars (Sirius)
Divide & Conquer by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux — 5+ stars DIK (Wave)
Placing Out by P.A. Brown — 4.75 stars (Leslie S)
Mummy Dearest by Josh Lanyon — 5 stars (Aunt Lynn)
The Usual Apocalypse by Christine Price — 5 stars (Jenre)


  • Lynn,

    these are my recommended reads for October, perhaps I’m still not pressing right button! 😕

    Blood Howl / Robin Saxon & Alex Kidwell 4.25 stars
    Southern Fried / Rob Rosen 4.5 stars
    Talker’s Graduation / Amy Lane 4.5 stars

    thanks Raine

    • Raine
      Only books that are rated 4.75 and 5 stars are posted as “Recommended Reads.” I know it’s confusing when we actually recommend any book that’s 4 stars or above. 🙂

      • OK now I think I’ve got it…….sorry to be so slow.

        I can still put recommended at the end of a review but they won’t be on the Recommended Books List unless they come in at 4.75 or 5 stars.


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