9780758267153Title: Need
Author: Todd Gregory
Cover Artist: unknown
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corps.
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Genre: M/M Paranormal, Vampires, Erotica
Length: Novel
Rating: 2 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Disappointing as descriptive writing services a selfish main character revelling in tedious vampiric erotica.

Blurb: On the sultry streets of New Orleans, you can indulge every desire. Even when what you crave is blood.

As far as the mortal world knows, Cord Logan died two years ago. In reality, he stalks the French Quarter, searching for victims. Cord knew that coming back to New Orleans would be risky now that he’s broken with the fraternity of vampires who first claimed him. But a chance encounter with an old friend triggers unexpected desire, and reveals a lethal curse that endangers not just his kind, but all of humanity.

Cord’s quest to break the curse leads him on a journey of carnal self-discovery and deep into the bayous. Here, where magic reigns unchecked, Cord must tap into his dark, unpredictable abilities and all his seductive powers. And if he fails, he’ll have all eternity to regret it…


No, I didn’t like this one. First person narration always invokes intimacy but here it did not deliver empathy as well. The book was tainted from the beginning by my antipathy to Cord, who was shown to be the unrepentant but pretty personification of lust, jealousy, greed, selfishness, and stupidity. The book’s title Need is a a misnomer. Cord is full to the brim of what he wants, and he always wants it now….stamp foot and whine or more accurately, get erection and drop knickers.

Cord’s journey of mistakes through early life as a young vampire is full of erotica; recreational party sex, violent set pieces of instant grasping lust, and domination orgies. Instant gratification repeated frequently. It seemed like there was not a male character in this book that Cord did not want to shag. Even having mentor Rachel, a wiser vampire, as a voice in his head commenting on his sexual idiocy does not stop him. So with these authorial coitus interruptions, clearly all this manic sex must be for a well worked out reason contained in the plot. Unfortunately the reasoning never became clear to me.

Obviously an attempt is made to redeem Cord’s personality from the initial bad impressions of petulant hedonism. The efforts of justification included; lost gay Catholic boy looking for love, uneducated baby vampire let loose in the world to flounder – blame the maker and get out of jail guilt free, and also under the evil influence of insane power mad twin witches. Flashback is used frequently to explain the action.

New Orleans and the regional setting to the book reeks of atmosphere and is described with intense detail, it is not a shallow back drop to the vampire activities. However, this vampiric society had no arresting original elements, it was only unfamiliar in the erotic overloading. Other characters are visually rich, there is skill in the descriptive writing here, but generally take obvious roles; attractive best friend, feckless vampire sire, buddy vampire, older than the pyramids vampire.

I just never connected with the premise of Cord as an attractive misunderstood victim of a hero. I found his instant redemption, or rather regeneration, irritating as an easy solution both to his limitations as a vampire and an interesting personality. I really do not want to follow him on his journey as a new improved being, in any possible threatened sequel. I am a weak victim of this book’s gorgeous cover.



  • That cover is really pretty, too bad. Sorry to hear you were disappointed, sometimes books do that.

    It does sound slightly interesting, but I’m not sure. Hopefully the next book you read is better 🙂

    • Thanks Larissa, I am just sounding so grumpy these days, but it is disappointing as you know when you want to love a book and be able to enthuse madly.

      I have read some good stuff just perhaps not some of my review choices…… :doh:

      • Hahaha i know what you mean. It’s why I’ve become a pit picky, which shouldn’t be necessary, but I don’t want to have a book depression again 😉

        • Book depressions are really contagious and hard to recover from. Thankfully I have this last week read three books that have really lifted me from a threatened cynical trough! 😎

  • And I thought my comment was posted. Apparently not. Main character really does not sound like somebody I enjoy. Thank you 🙂

    • Yes big disappointment, but as it is obvious author can write well, I am going to check out extracts of his contemporary stuff as he might just not write paranormal to my taste. I never found ZAM’s vampire books as good as her other stuff. 😕

  • Cookie?

    The cover really does invoke a lot with a little, but the story sounds like a disappointment, which is too bad.

    • This wasn’t for me and I struggled with reading it twice for review. Shame, as I wanted to get involved in the whole New Orleans / vampire experience. 🙁


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