Uplifting Story: From Ohio to Maryland to tie the knot

When John Arthur, an ALS patient of Crossroads Hospice in Over-the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio since March of this year and his partner of twenty years, Jim Obergefell, heard that the US Supreme Court had struck down portions of the Defense of Marriage Act, they decided to get married. As you probably know, amyotrophic photo2lateral sclerosis or ALS is a progressive neurological disease that robs patients of their ability to walk, talk and eventually breathe. Since same sex marriage is illegal in the state of Ohio they had to get married in another state where it was legal, but  this presented a lot of difficulties for the couple as John was bedridden and they needed medical transportation to the closest state that met their needs.

John and Jim decided on a destination wedding in Maryland, the closest state, but the cost of transportation by plane was much more than they could afford. Their relatives, friends and former co-workers worked the phones and raised the $12,000 needed for a plane outfitted with a nurse, two pilots trained in emergency medicine and Arthur’s aunt, Paulette Roberts, an ordained minister who performed the ceremony on the tarmac of Signature Flight Support at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

To read the full heartwarming and uplifting story, here’s a link to the article in the Cincinnati Enquirer



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  • Wasn’t their story wonderful? Then other story is that it’s such a pity there are so many Johns and Jims in the US who want to marry for various reasons, especially older couples, but can’t because each state has the final say on marriage equality.

    I was really pleased that someone like John, who is terminal, at least has a last wish fulfilled.

  • I read the story (found under archives) and it was wonderful to see so many people come together to make this happen for John & Jim. I laughed at Johns comment to Paulette after the ceremony…


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