Romancing the Wrong Twin (Ariel’s Review)

Title: Romancing the Wrong Twin
Author: Clare London
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 199
Reviewed by: Ariel
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

How tangled can a romantic web get?

When gruff mountaineer Dominic Hartington-George seeks sponsorship for his latest expedition, his London PA insists on a more media-friendly profile–like dating celebrity supermodel Zeb Z.

Zeb can’t make the date, so he asks his identical twin, Aidan, to stand in for just one evening. Aidan, a struggling playwright, shuns the limelight to the extent people don’t even know Zeb has a sibling, but he reluctantly agrees.

When the deception has to continue beyond the first date, Aidan fights to keep up the pretense. Dominic likes his sassy, intelligent companion, and Aidan starts falling for the forthright explorer. But how long can Aidan’s conscience cope as confusion abounds? Will coming clean as “the other twin” destroy the trust they’ve built?

The theater meets the mountain. This is a delightful Urban English Romance featuring a playwright and a mountaineer.

Spoiler Alert

Aiden is a struggling playwright and Zeb, his twin brother, is a fashion model. Aiden was promised that he could write and produce his own play but, at the last minute, they cancel on him. Being depressed and low on funds, his twin, Zeb, approachs Aiden to pose as him on a date with a mountaineer, Dominic.

Dominic follows in his father’s footsteps and climbs mountains, but he has used up his inheritance and now is in need of a sponsorship to climb one last time. His PR people propose that he is seen with Zeb for publicity to gain sponsorship funds.

Aiden, acting as Zeb, and Dominic go to a movie premiere and then dinner. At dinner Aiden and Dominic kiss and the paparazzi interrupt them which causes Aiden to freak out and run out of there.

Aiden and Dominic seek each other out to apologize. For the next two weeks they go on publicity dates. Things are going very well until Aiden is spotted by Zeb’s agent’s assistant and is called in to do a rush photoshoot. With Dominic in tow, they do the photoshoot.

The photoshoot makes Dominic very hot and bothered for Aiden. They end up going back to Dominic’s place and do what they’ve been longing to do.

One morning, while Aiden sleeps over at Dominic’s, Dominic gets a call from his agent for him and Zeb to come over to her office at 2pm. There they meet the sponsors for Dominic’s trip. All goes well and they sponsor Dominic. Dominic’s agent says that they now don’t have to be together anymore. They can go their own way. Which they do. Dominic leaves on his trip.

Dominic is so preoccupied on his trip. Thinking about Aiden constantly. Longing for him. At the same time, Aiden tries to write and it proves difficult because his emotions are so up and down regarding Dominic, but his friends notice and question his behavior. One of them figures it out.

Aiden’s friend gets them in to the presentation that Dominic and his crew are putting on. Dominic sees something he shouldn’t and eventually he confronts Aiden and chaos happens and confusion. The reporters and photographers are kicked out of the room and everything is explained and everyone gets their happy ending.

This is a wonderful Urban English Romance. After the slow start in the beginning of the book, it got interesting. One twin posing as the other and going out on a blind date. That alone is very interesting and can lead to all kinds of mischief. The only transgression going on was inside Aidan’s head. He was very uncomfortable playing his twin brother.

The character development was so good that I felt sorry for Aiden and I could really feel what he was feeling. I also loved how the author gave the background of the main characters in snippets as opposed to all at once.

Aiden and Dominic are perfect for each other. It was like light and dark or grumpy and romantic. Dominic acts all rough and tough but Aiden can see right through him and answers each parry with one of his own. It was fun and exciting to read.

This book is also told from both main character’s points of view. A little of one then a little from the other. I really liked that.

I felt like this story was like watching a drama movie. You really got into the characters, what was going on, and it kept you hooked in and on the edge of your seat.

This story also flowed like a movie. It had twists and turns so you never saw what was coming. It also had a perfect balance. Not too much of one thing or the other.

The ending was great. I was expecting something totally different and the author really surprised me. It was a real sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat ending.

I do recommend this book for those who love a setting in England, who can read and appreciate the English slang and speak, and who love big burly Mountaineers and lovely fashion models.

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