Fire and Hail (Carlisle Cops #5)

Title: Fire and Hail (Carlisle Cops Book 5)
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: January 16, 2017
Genre(s): Gay love, second chances, cops, children
Page Count: 210 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 3.8 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Carlisle Cops: Book Five

Brock Ferguson knew he might run into his ex-boyfriend, Vincent Geraldini, when he took his first job as a police officer in Carlisle. Vincent’s attitude during a routine traffic stop reminds Brock why their relationship didn’t last.

What Brock doesn’t expect is finding two scared children in the trunk of a Corvette. He’s also surprised to learn the kids’ mother is Vincent’s sister. But his immediate concern is the safety of the two children, Abey and Penny, and he offers to comfort and care for them when their mother is taken into custody.

Vincent is also shocked to learn what his sister has done. For the sake of the kids, he and Brock bury the hatchet-and soon find they have much more in common than they realized. With Abey and Penny’s help, they grow closer, until the four of them start to feel like a family. But Vincent’s sister and her boyfriend-an equal-opportunity jerk-could tear down everything they’re trying to build.

Andrew Grey always amazes me. This series is such an amazing series and this book was another great addition to it.

Brock is new to the police department and of course being the rookie that he is he is on traffic duty. When he pulls over a car for speeding he never expects it to be the one that got away, Vincent. Vincent broke his heart when he acted as if what they had in the past did not matter to him C easily walked away from him and what they had. So it was a huge shock all these years later to run into him again.

Little did either man know that they would once again be running into each other again just so quickly. But the circumstances surrounding this encounter is much more serious. After a call came in about two women in a car and having a witness state that the said women put two kids in the trunk, Brock finds himself coming face to face to two very small children once the car is pulled over. What is even more surprising is Vincent is the two children’s uncle.

After finding out what his sister did and that she has not one but two children and she endangered them as she did Vincent does not hesitate to step up to the plate and do whatever is necessary to get temporary, if not permanent, custody of them. The added denefit is that Brock is coming around on a regular basis or at least until he is shot in the line of duty. Now it is Vincent’s turn to step up and take back and try to correct his mistakes of the past with Brock. His hope is to win back the love that he so carelessly through away.

Can Vincent be the man that not only the children need but also the man that Brock can learn to love again? Can Brock forget about and move in from the past and make a new life with Vincent and the kids? Can these two men do what needs to be done in order to keep these children safe from not only their mother but the other people that their mother brought into their lives at some point?

This was an amazing book about two men reconnecting and righting their wrongs of he past. And along with that, they are turning the whole worlds upside down for two very precious little ones that need them so very much. I truly enjoyed this read and I believe that it an amazing addition to the other books in this series. Can’t wait till the next book in this series comes out.

Carlisle Cops Series

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