Thunder and Lightning (Death and Destruction #6)

Title: Thunder and Lightning (Death and Destruction #6)
Author: Patricia Logan
Publisher: self published
Release Date: July 25, 2017
Genre(s): Mystery & Detective
Page Count: 320
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5

Jarrett Evans and Thayne Wolfe have been partnered in the ATF for nearly two years and their love and commitment to each other has grown over time. Now faced with one final challenge, the boys are headed to Arizona to help Thayne’s mom, stumbling headfirst into a brand new case. When a man is shot on Dot’s sister’s ranch, their informal investigation leads to the Native American reservation bordering the property.

Juggling tricky tribal politics isn’t something Jarrett and Thayne are accustomed to but, as with most things in their lives, nothing is ever uncomplicated. When a surprise sighting shakes Thayne to his very foundation, they call out for help and their colleagues ride to the rescue along with a little help from the FBI. The mystery on the reservation only deepens when they start putting two and two together. Questionable cigarettes at the Ahtunowhiho Trading Post may be the least of their worries.

From the mean streets of Los Angeles to the vast deserts of Arizona, Thayne and Jarrett once again brave the minefields of bad guys, bigshots, and a vicious betrayal that kicks them in the ass. But one thing is certain. Thru thunder and lightning, Jarrett and Thayne are never alone. They’ll fight for each other down to the last man standing, even if it costs them their very lives.

I read one of previous books in this series and while the impression was somewhat lackluster I was interested enough to ask for this title when it came out.

The action starts immediately. Jarret and Thayne are visiting Thayne’s mother because ranch she lives on has become target of bad guys. Jarret and Thayne are suspicious and quickly decide to investigate further.
I had several minor hiccups while reading but overall the writing is good and descriptions are especially vivid. The sex was hot as Arizona.
There is whole slew of supporting characters which makes for lively read. I enjoyed reading about people our agents work with. They’re such fun!

Thayne and Jarret are settled in their relationship and both acknowledge their feelings. They are sure of himself and each other. This is a good thing, because Thayne’s old adversary Mills Lang is back. Once again they’re preparing to take him down. It made me wonder what happened between the book I read (Flash and Bang) and this one.
The plot was solid with slow buildup heading toward explosive resolution. Several plot threads came together in action-packed ending with several unexpected twists. I was clinging to the edge of my seat, wracked with nerves. I just couldn’t believe what was happening!

The author did her research for this book and I had to google several facts to get what she is talking about. Jarret and Thayne’s relationship is here well and truly established. It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. The plot is carefully laid out and like I said, the ending left an impression.

Death and Destruction Series

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Galley copy of Thunder and Lightning provided by Author in exchange of an honest review.