Cursed (Maya’s Review)

Title: Cursed (Alpha’s Warlock #1)
Author: Kris Sawyer
Publisher: self published
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Genre(s): Werewolves/Warlocks
Page Count: 80
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Clyde Barrington is a werewolf with a curse on his head. Every night, he shifts from human to wolf and lives the life of a lonely predator, never fully accepted by his pack. When he saves a handsome stranger from a fire, everything changes.

In a world divided by the ancient feud between werewolves and warlocks, Clyde and Terry must learn to trust each other. When wolves start to disappear, their bond is tested by the fear of a pack now balanced on the edge of destruction.

Amidst a web of lies, deceits and betrayals, Clyde must decide where his loyalties lie, and choose between a forbidden love and the ties that bind him to his brothers. Is Terry an enemy to the pack, or the saviour that will lead them out of the darkness?

The blurb snagged my intention immediately: werewolf and warlock, meeting in aftermath of a war. Both victims of prejudices and old grudges, they try to build something new and beautiful. It’s a great setup and I was looking forward to reading it.

The beginning of this story has some minor plot disturbances. I can’t call them plot holes, because they are annoyances at worst, but their appearance disrupts the story flow. The writing evens out later, but having sex scene fade to black and story continue from there without at least page break was unpleasant. (Went back to see what did I miss, nope, nothing)

There is no relationship development. Clyde and Terry go from disliking each other to being in committed relationship. This makes it hard to sympathize with characters and as a consequence the danger they find themselves in feels unrealistic and forced. It’s a shame the story was so hurried because it had potential. The world from the story seems interesting, and I was hoping for more.

The ending spoiled the story for me. It is HFN, that’s not a problem, but the resolution was not to my taste. In all fairness, it’s an unexpected twist and unusual solution, just not something I like.

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Galley copy of Cursed provided by Author in exchange of an honest review.

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