When It’s Time (Go Your Own Way #3)

Title: When It’s Time (Go Your Own Way #3)
Author: Zane Riley
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Release Date: January 18, 2018
Genre(s): New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 257 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3.8 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

In the New Adult series that began with Go Your Own Way, Will Osbourne and Lennox McAvoy must now face the challenges of a long distance relationship that will determine their future. Despite the fulfillment of his childhood dream, Will is suffocating in too-loud, too-dirty, too-busy New York City. Lennox, who has always relied on Will for guidance, is thriving in Boston without him. As Lennox embraces his promising new life and rediscovers old family, Will searches for a future of his own that won’t tear them apart.

This was a good second book in this series but I have to say that the way this book ended was disappointing. I am not a reader that likes an abrupt ending but I have hopes that there will at least be one more book for these two young men, if not more.

The beginning of this book started off kind of on the slow side for me but it picked up about a 1/3 of the way through it so that made it much better. I am truly glad that this book did not stay in the slow momentum throughout the whole read or I would not have been able to finish it.

I am not going to give a lot of details on this book because I do not want to give too much of the read away. I definitely do not want to give any spoilers for readers that have not read it yet but I will say this, I truly believe that Lennox and Will did a major flip flop for the most part in this book.

I felt in the first book that Lennox let his past rule the way he behaved and thought about himself but in this book I felt that Lennox finally was able to get his feet on the ground and found somewhere that he belonged and excelled at, Berklee College. Honestly this was surprising for me because Lennox did not really want to go in the first place I do not think. I truly believe that he was only planning on going for Will’s sake and to make Will and Will’s family proud. So when he excelled and saw that he could make it in college it was a shock to Lennox.

Though I believe that Will does want Lennox to succeed, Will was not prepared for Lennox to actually do better than he was. Will has always known what he wanted to do and where he wanted to do it at. What Will did not expect was that he was going to have issues. So when Lennox is succeeding and Will is floundering I believe that it took a major hit on Will. Will is used to being the one that Lennox has to lean on and so when Lennox is away from Will and Will sees that maybe Lennox does not need him as much as Will thought he did, Will does not know what to do with that.

This was a good read. Like I said though I do not like that it ended so quickly but I have hopes that Zane Riley will not leave me with questions that I would like answered and feeling like this story is not quite finished yet. I would definitely recommend reading the first book first if not done already because if not you will miss so much of these two men’s back story. Definitely not a book to be read out of order or as a standalone. I hope to be reading the next book in this series before long.

Go Your Own Way Series

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