That Feeling When

Title: That Feeling When
Author: S.M. James
Publisher: May Books
Release Date: September 16th 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 343
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5


Dance Academy reject, Archie Corrigan, resents the stereotype guy ballet dancers are gay. Because he isn’t. At all. Forced to reassess his life goal at Camp Crystal Cove, it’s by sheer dumb luck he meets Landon Summers, who turns everything Archie was sure of into chaos.

Poor boy turned teen heartthrob, Landon Summers, is the name on everyone’s lips. With his unexpected leap to fame, his agent advises him to keep his bi status on the down low. Not a problem! Until Landon meets Archie.

Their unexpected friendship leads to an inevitable kiss, but their moment is caught in high definition and used as fuel for blackmail. If the truth gets out, Landon’s career could be over, and Archie will be forced to acknowledge the one thing he’s fought to deny.

But how do you go back to your average life once you’ve experienced That Feeling When … you’re finally happy?

Archie lost a bet with his father, therefore he has to reevaluate his future career goals at a summer camp since he didn’t get into his first choice dance academy. While he’s there Archie meets Landon and he can’t understand why he’s so interested in him. Archie knows he isn’t gay, it being something of a sore spot for him as he’s used to people assuming he’s gay because of his dancing. Meeting Landon turns everything inside out and he struggles with his emotions and what’s expected of him. It doesn’t help feeling disconnected to his family and his father pressuring him to do what he wants.

Landon’s pressured by his life choice of being an actor, while being rather new to the scene he still needs new roles and bigger fanbase to cement himself as an actor that brings in the bigger bucks. Money he mostly gives to his parents so they can live in their house and support his seven siblings. Being outed as bi, even though family and friends knows at home, could be very damaging to his career. With the threat of having the photo of them kissing being sent to the newspaper Landon still can’t stay away from Archie.

It took some time before I got into the book and there were a lot of inner monologues to read while I waited for something to happen plus details of things I didn’t really need to know. I know it’s a story of boys finding themselves and the inner monologue lets us know what’s going on inside their heads. However, the first person narrative didn’t work well for me here and I feel like the narrative voice wasn’t so different between the two characters. The characters were just how I liked them though: likable with flaws they have to work through.

I liked the ending but the book didn’t hold my interest as much as I would have liked which is unfortunate because the plot has potential and at times I liked it.

If you want something easy to read with a some angst but not much happening except Archie finding himself and getting to know the camp and Landon then check this one out. I’m sure many will like it, but this book wasn’t for me.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of That Feeling When provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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