The Librarian’s Ghost

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Title: The Librarian’s Ghost (The Supers #2)
House Line: Dreamspun Beyond #29
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: October 2, 2018
Genre(s): M/M Paranormal
Page Count: 210
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Can love survive the perils of MacGregor House?

The Supernatural Explorers are back and looking for their next big paranormal case. They might’ve found it in a plea from Payne, a mild-mannered librarian who has inherited the family mansion—MacGregor House. Since moving in a few months ago, Payne’s exhausted the list of ghost hunters and experts in his quest for help. The Supers are his last chance.

So why does normally good-natured cameraman Will take an instant dislike to Payne? For that matter, why has he felt irritable and angry since they arrived at the site? It soon becomes clear that the answers they seek will be found in the basement—where nobody has gone since Payne was a little boy. As the haunting grows deadlier, things get sweeter between Will and Payne, but all hell’s about to break loose when they breach the basement door.

Will they be ready?

I’m really digging this series. I wouldn’t read them for the romance, because that was a bit meh in both books. But the creepiness factor was very well done and I was regretting my decision to read this at night while I was home alone.

We met the ‘Supers’ in the previous book as a bunch of twenty something friends who are all interested in the paranormal, with Blaine as their one real medium. These guys got pretty spooked in the last book when they were investigating an abandoned hospital, and are now trying to see if they can film some more hauntings so their television show can start off for real. (This book can definitely be read as a stand-alone, so no worries if you haven’t read the first book.)

Payne has inherited a mansion from his father, and he’s been hiring people to restore the place for quite a while. But it is only since he’s been living there these last few months that strange things started happening. He didn’t believe in ghosts, but after moving in, he definitely does. These ghosts are not exactly subtle, so it’s not like he can miss something like books flying (and knocking him out!), or all the cups trying to fly out of the cupboards.

And that’s why he hires The Supers. He has heard some good things about them and hopes they can get rid of the ghosts.

Will is the cameraman of the ragtag ghosthunters crew. He is a very laid back person, normally. But for some reason as soon as he sets foot in the house Payne MacGregor lives in, he feels angry. Angry at Payne to be exact.

After a few run-ins with Will, Payne isn’t so sure he did the right thing by hiring the Supers, but when they all leave the house, it becomes clear the house influences them all. Will doesn’t feel angry at Payne anymore and actually notices how cute the man is.

When the two get locked up in the bedroom of the mansion for an entire day, they both find out just how attracted they are to each other… Now all they need to do is fix the ghost problem….

This was just the right amount of creepy. I love me a good ghost story and this one hit the spot.

As in the first book there is not a whole lot of character development and the romance was decent, but not had the wow factor. I didn’t mind so much since I expected that after having read the first book. I mean, I read this for the ghosts. And they delivered big time. I was seriously creeped out a couple of times. But it’s not like this was pure horror or anything. Just the right amount of scary to keep me entertained.

If you like ghost stories with a dash of romance (well, it was a bit more than a dash, but wasn’t front center), this is the book for you.

Dreamspun Beyond

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