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Please welcome Anna Martin to the blog today!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much to Gay Book Reviews for allowing me to come and talk about my new novel Lone Wolf.

I thought I’d talk today about the kind of world Jackson and Leo live in. Writing a werewolf novel was a new experience for me – all my novels up until now have been contemporary romances – and though Lone Wolf is definitely still a contemporary romance, I had a lot of fun creating the society and culture that the story is based in.

Jackson is a werewolf who finds his soulmate in Leo, who’s a human. Though humans and werewolves live side-by-side, they tend to live and socialize mainly with their own kind, and werewolf/human relationships are considered taboo. Though there’s no longer any laws prohibiting these relationships, a small sub-section of society actively campaigns for werewolves to be segregated from humans and barred from interacting with human society.

Of course, Jackson and Leo bump up against these fanatics and have to figure out how to navigate in each other’s worlds. I think I almost surprised myself with how much fun I had creating this new society and figuring out where the prejudices of the world we live in now crosses over with the world the book is set in.

Here’s a little excerpt (below) from Lone Wolf where Leo runs into an anti-werewolf group.

Title: Lone Wolf
Author: Anna Martin
Cover Art: Black Jazz Design
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: October 9th 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 230
Reviewed by: Kristin F., Jia and Tosha
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Jackson Lewis isn’t a typical werewolf. He isolates himself in a small town outside Spokane and dedicates himself to making his business—Lone Wolf Brewery—a success. If it leaves him little time for romance, he’s okay with that. His soul mate could be out there somewhere, but he isn’t actively looking.

So he’s in for quite the shock when he literally bumps into his soul mate—Leo Gallagher, an adorable, nerdy, vibrant music therapist who’s Jackson’s polar opposite.

But he’s human. And a man.

Jackson is straight—or at least he’s always assumed so. Though he can’t deny his attraction to Leo, it’s a lot for both of them to deal with.

While Jackson and Leo figure out what their future might hold, they face prejudice from both the human and werewolf communities—including a group of fanatics willing to kill to show humans and werewolves don’t belong together.

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“We’re hoping we can help you, Mr. Gallagher.” The woman pressed a leaflet into his hands. Leo glanced down; it was nondescript, the cover showing a photograph of a white couple who looked startlingly similar to the people in front of him.

If they hadn’t known his name, Leo would have dismissed them as Mormons.

He stepped to one side to let someone pass and realized he’d effectively let them box him in at the busy hospital entrance.

“A mutual friend asked us to come meet you,” the man said. He had a neatly trimmed beard and very green eyes. “You’ve been dating a werewolf, is that right? We can help, Mr. Gallagher. We’re with the Human Protection League.”

“I don’t know what that is. I’m sorry.”

“We help people who have been trapped in abusive relationships with werewolves.”

Leo barked a laugh. “You have the wrong person, then. I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

“You are dating a werewolf, though, isn’t that right?”

Leo hesitated. He didn’t want to have this conversation at all, but the alternative was getting into some kind of altercation with these people and that would be worse—he was a hospital employee, and he was sure it wouldn’t reflect well on him.

“I have a few friends who are werewolves,” Leo said instead of answering their question.

“We monitor werewolf activity across the state,” the woman said. “It’s mostly just for our protection, as humans, but we step in when we think someone needs our help.”

“I don’t need your help,” Leo said, as forcefully as he dared.

About Anna

Anna Martin
Anna Martin is from a picturesque seaside village in the south- west of England and now lives in the slightly arty, slightly quirky city of Bristol. After spending most of her childhood making up stories, she studied English Literature at university before attempting to turn her hand as a professional writer.

Apart from being physically dependent on her laptop, Anna is enthusiastic about writing and producing local grassroots theater (especially at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she can be found every summer), going to visit friends in other countries, baking weird and wonderful sweets, learning to play the ukulele, and Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Anna claims her entire career is due to the love, support, pre-reading, and creative ass kicking provided by her best friend Jennifer. Jennifer refuses to accept responsibility for anything Anna has written.

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