Pulling Strings (Bob-O-Link’s Review)

Title: Pulling Strings
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: September 10, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Mystery
Page Count: 246
Reviewed by: Bob-O-Link
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


A high-stakes case of industrial espionage ties them together, but before they can pursue their attraction, they must find out who’s pulling the strings.

Devon Donaldson doesn’t know how a folio of stolen corporate secrets found its way into his bag, and certainly can’t think of anyone who’d want to frame him. The trouble is, he has to convince Powers McPherson.

Devon’s firm hired Powers to investigate the theft of a new banking system, and so far Devon is his only lead. While Powers’s gut tells him Devon is innocent, he has no intention of letting Devon out of his sight… for more than one reason. Working together to get Devon’s life back leads to feelings far beyond cooperation. But before they can act on them, they need to find the group of thieves intent on ruining Devon’s reputation.


It ain’t easy being nice, when it could be so pleasurable merely exercising my wicked
wit. Pulling Strings, by prolific and talented Andrew Grey, unfortunately tempts this
reviewer to engage in copious bon mots, just to avoid evincing some disappointment.
Pulling Strings is a “who dunnit?” which quickly slides toward the category of “who

Mr Grey has clearly been seduced into the dark world of computer technology. While
computer nerds, of which this reviewer patently isn’t one, might be fascinated with the
plethora of tech talk, come on, in a gay romance? Really! It helps that gay sex is
“programmed” in, but not enough, as our heroes wait until one half of the book has been
“downloaded” before they get to it.

Powers, hero number one, is “tall, dark, and broody” according to Devon. The latter, our
hero number two, is socially awkward, the nervous type. Their initial approach to each
other is confused and problematic. Blessedly, on their way to an assured HEA, eroticism
enters their lives and competes with the mysteries of the plot concerning missing
corporate secrets. Sadly, until the climatic climax (!), the plot drags a little and the sex is
merely occasional. [Heat-addicted readers will need to mark those paragraphs and settle
for reading them more than once.]

Mr Grey does provide saving grace by indulging in some nice “purple” prose:
Ex. “There was no fish in this kiss, just energy . . . ”
Ex. “Their kisses heated by the second, Devon’s sweetness intensifying, bursting on his
tongue as he feasted on his lips.”
Ex. “ . . . which left Devon alone with Powers and the soup of tension that hung in the
air?” [Dear Mr. Grey, do not pass GO on the way to Analogy Hell!]

Fans of Mr Grey undoubtedly will be pleased with Pulling Strings. Computer/mystery
readers will also likely be satisfied.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Pulling Strings provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


I'm a retired professional. My husband and I, each with an ex-wife, between us have six married children and 10 grandchildren. We both read voraciously, with a strong leaning to gay romance and HEA. Stories with a little (okay, even loads of) sex, and a lot of tears, always pleases.