The Match


Title: The Match
Author: Dakota Flint
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: A Sip
: **** 1/2 (out of 5)

Drake and Chris have a past that ended badly last time around because they had issues relating to control that they could not overcome. Now Drake is back after serving his last 15 months stint overseas in a war zone and he’s looking for some action, cruising the neighbourhood bar which Chris manages.

When newly-promoted Chris sees him again his first emotion is relief that Drake made it out alive; then he’s mad because he feels that Drake does not care as much about him because he never heard from him while he was on deployment. In addition Drake is chatting up the young bartender, which makes Chris see red. After telling Drake to lay off the help Drake issues a challenge which goes back to their original reason for separating – a challenge that Chris can’t refuse.

Despite its short length this was a very entertaining and well constructed tale. Chris and Drake were three dimensional because the author took the time to fill in their back story and I felt that I knew them when they met again after their long separation. The Match is extremely well written and the author should be commended for ensuring that it was not just about the sex but concerned two characters who really cared for each other and had one major hurdle in their physical relationship that was difficult to overcome . Even the switches in POV were not detrimental because they were accomplished without disrupting the flow and when I was in each character’s head it was clear that they were both emotionally involved and wanted to be together. There were tender moments between Chris and Drake, the dialogue shone and the sex when it happened was sensuous and hot, all of which all made this a tremendously enjoyable story.

This is Dakota Flint’s first published story and if it is any indication of her writing talent I think she will have a very long career as an author.


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Mary M.

I have to agree with Wave on this one. Looooooool :). But we love you crazy, Jen. That makes you just like us :-p.


You are crazy. Did you ever doubt that? 🙂


Dakota – Ah, yes, that’s it. Lisabea’s blog!

So nice to know I’m not just going crazy. LOL

Dakota Flint

Wave, thanks again for taking the time to read “The Match” and write a review of it! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it.

Jenb-I comment sometimes on Lisabea’s blog, so maybe that’s where you’ve seen my name? Stuff like that drives me nuts, too, if I can’t remember where I’ve seen something. 🙂


Hi Jen
I already changed it but I can re-insert it. No prob.

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And Hi Jen! Visited your blog yesterday but my internet shut down before I could reply. I can’t believe that were-duck story! It has to be an hoax, doesn’t it?


Ok, looked it up. It is Dakota Flint’s first published book, so don’t change your review.

Argh, now I’ll go crazy trying to figure out where else I saw that name. Crap.


Well, don’t take my random thoughts to mean anything. The way my mind works, I could have seen the word “Dakota” on a pickup truck and thought it had been on a book. LOL

I just thought the name sounded familiar.

Or…maybe I was thinking Dakota Cassidy? *shrug*


Hi Jen
I thought it was her first published book – she has a couple of other books coming out within the next 2 – 3 months but I’ll take that sentence out until I double check with her.


I love the short little books like this from Torquere. I’ve read some really good ones.

This is Dakota Flint’s first book? I could swear I’ve seen other books with that name…


Hi Mary

I know I keep saying this but take lots of pics – I can’t wait to see them.Don’t complain – at least you have free computer time 🙂


Mary M.
I’m in Paris, City of light! 🙂 On the Youth hostel computer, while I wait for my clothes in the dryer *rolling eyes* Those tasks are such a time waster. In England I almost bought that mug that aid ‘A clean house is a sign of a wasted life’. I so agree with that. I was peeved that I don’t have a locker in my room, but I can see the top of the Eiffel tower from my window. No matter that I’d need 40 minutes and two subway changes to get there. Tomorrow I’m visitigg the catacombs :).

Hey Mary
It’s so great to hear from you. Where are you?
This is a terrific short story – what Torquere calls A Sip – but I loved it and I think you will too.

Mary M.

Oh good. The lack of backstory is often one of the biggest problems in short stories, making it seem like things happened out of the blue. Nice review my dear 😉

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