Need (Need #1)

Title: Need (Need #1)
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: GBLT Paranormal
Length: 146 pages (print)
Rating: ***** (out of 5)

Trick was looking for just that, a trick, when he runs into Bast. Trick is a street hustler with very few options or prospects and he hits pay dirt when he meets Bast who could not be more different if he tried. Trick lives with other squatters and has to sell his body to eat while Bast, in addition to being good looking, has money to burn.

Need Series

Bast is a centuries old vampire who is hoping for a good time when he hooks up with Trick. He just wants to play and, after some very hot sex at a club, invites Trick home with him for one night of fun which turns out to be memorable. They meet again shortly after and can’t keep their hands off each other so Bast invites Trick home again, but this time he stays.

Bast and Trick are becoming more and more addicted to each other and their lovemaking is very tender. They are falling in love. Then Bast tells Trick what he is. He is devastated when Trick leaves, calling him a monster and vowing never to return. Bast is heartbroken and moves away in an effort to forget about Trick as well as for his own safety, but to no avail. Eventually, several weeks later Trick finds him and is horrified at his frail and weak condition and promises never to leave again. Can Trick accept what Bast is and love him regardless?

The melodies weaving throughout the book are a wonderful backdrop to this love story and sometimes the throbbing beat is like being at a live concert with the music starting out real slow and cool, then building to a crescendo from which you never come down.

Trick and Bast are two halves of one whole; they are obsessed with each other and can’t bear to be apart. They are so open about their feelings that, reading the book, I felt like a voyeur at times. It’s hard not to become captivated by this couple. Bast is gentle, needy and playful and Trick has to learn to trust again, in spite of the tough life he has led. Bast tries to give Trick what is missing in his life and make him whole. The emotion and sensuality between the two main characters, the palpable need that is ever present, and the passion and eroticism in the tale are addictive. In Need Sean Michael could not have come up with two main characters whose lives and personalities are more different but the concept works because he wields such a masterful, yet sensitive touch in a different kind of vampire love story.

This book was formerly reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews


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