Can I donate money to the site?

While the thought is appreciated, we do not accept third party donations.

How do you pay for the site?

Currently Gay Book Reviews is hosted on a private server owned by Gigi. To offset the costs, there is one ad on the left sidebar from Google Adsense that is a third party ad system that is not affiliated with any publisher or author. We will not be accepting ads from publishers and/or author because we believe that would compromise our dedication to providing fair and honest reviews to our readers.

Can I buy ad space on Gay Book Reviews?

Not at this time. If that changes, we will announce it on the main page. Gay Book Reviews wants to remain impartial and build an honesty with our readers. We want them to know any book promoted on the site is being done because of our enjoyment of the book and nothing else.

Do you accept payment for extra book promotion?

No, Gay Book Reviews wants to remain impartial and continue rating books fairly and honestly. If we are not able to get behind your book and recommended it to our readers, we will not be doing any extra promotion for it. If a reviewer has read your book and gives it at least 4 stars, we will happily provide extra promotion at no cost to the author, publisher or promotion company.


I’d like my book reviewed by Gay Book Reviews. Do you accept copies?

We welcome authors, new and experienced, to submit their books to Gay Book Reviews for review. Please note that having your book reviewed is not guaranteed. Your book will be added to the daily newsletter sent to all reviewers. If a reviewer takes an interest in your book, I will email you and request a copy. Please fill out the form for consideration.

Book Promotion

Do you host book cover reveals?

Yes, we would be happy to host a cover reveal for any M/M themed book. Send a copy of the cover and any pertinent information to .

Do you host book tours/blasts/extra promotion?

Yes, we will host a book tour or book blast or author interviews, but only for books that have been read by a Gay Book Reviews reviewer and given at least 4 stars. We love promoting authors, but we want to make sure that we can get behind the book 100% before agreeing to do extra promotion. Please fill out this form for extra promotion consideration.


Common Reviewer Acronyms
  • MC: Main Character
  • HEA: Happily Ever After
  • HFN: Happy for Now
  • GFY: Gay For You
  • FTL or F2L: Friends to Lovers
  • POV: Point of View
  • GR: GoodReads Website
  • M/M: Male/Male
  • M/M/F: Male/Male/Female
  • UST: Unresolved Sexual Tension
What is the criteria for your flames rating?

Reviewers rate heat level of a book from 1 to 5 flames.

Heat Level Definitions
5 out of 5 flames Erotica offering intense imagery and/or sexual language/dirty talk. The sex is hot and plentiful, the language is graphic and real, and the multiple love/sex scenes throughout are explicitly described. Nothing is off-limits.
4 out of 5 flames Detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.
3 out of 5 flames Sex scenes are less frequent and detailed in description.
2 out of 5 flames Mild sexuality, no graphic intimate scenes or sexual situations.
1 out of 5 flames A romantic relationship between the couple but no intimate scenes or sexual situations are described in the book. The book fades-to-black before any love scene.
0 out of 5 flames No sexual content.

What is the criteria for your star rating?

Reviewers rate book from 1 to 5 stars.

Ratings Definitions
5 The absolute pinnacle in M/M Romance.
4½ stars Great book, highly recommended.
4 stars Great book, recommended.
35 Good book, recommended.
3 stars Good book, recommended with caution.
2½ stars Mediocre book, not recommended.
2 stars Did not enjoy book but was not offensive to my sensibilities, not recommended.
1½ stars Did not enjoy book and was offensive to my sensibilities, not recommended.
1 star Terrible book all around, not recommended for anyone.
Do you review books that include M/M/F, transgender, transsexual, bisexual, etc. characters?

Yes, as long as the book’s primary focus is on gay males, we will include any sub-genres.

Do you review F/F books?

No. Gay Book Reviews is strictly for M/M pairings and their sub-genres.

Do you review M/F books?

No. Gay Book Reviews is strictly for M/M pairings and their sub-genres.

What type of books do you review?

Gay Book Reviews reviews books that focus on the M/M pairing. We also review books that focus on transgender, bi-sexual, M/M/F menage and cross dressing as long as the main topic of the book is M/M.

Genres included are:

    Steam Punk
    Young Adult/Teen
    Erotic Romance/Erotica
    Menage/Multiple Partners (including female)
    Werewolves/Shape Shifters
    Science Fiction
Where do your books come from?

Gay Book Reviews receives books for review from several sources:

  1. Directly from authors
  2. Directly from publishers
  3. Via book promotional companies
  4. The reviewer’s own personal library.

Publishing Companies

Do you accept books from publishing companies?

Yes! We would love to develop a relationship with any publishing company that publishes M/M themed books. Please fill out this form with details and someone will get back to you shortly.


Do reviwers have to follow any code of conduct?

Yes, all of our reviewers have read and agreed to our reviewer’s rules and regulations before being asked to join Gay Book Reviews.

I’d like to review for Gay Book Reviews. Are you accepting new reviewers?

Yes, we are! We are always looking for new talented writers interested in reviewing M/M themes books. Please fill out this form for consideration.

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