Reviewer Rules and Regulations


  1. The content in the review you post will be about the BOOK and only the book. Any preconceived notions about the author or genre or anything else should be left out.
  2. Reviews need to be honest. No sugar coating because it’s your favorite author or your friend really liked it. Relating part to number 1, no slamming a book for any reason other than the content. We want your HONEST review.
  3. Keep your review clear and concise.
  4. You are welcome to use images in your review but I do ask that you upload them to the server (using the “add media” option that can be seen in image1.jpg) instead of hot-linking them from the source.
  5. You are welcome and encouraged to post your review at GoodReads but please follow all of the above rules and stipulations. I suggest a new shelf title “gaybookreviews” or something similar to keep track of them. A link back to with “This review is cross-posted on Gay Book Reviews” or something similar is appreciated. My example: A lot of folks who write reviews for websites and GoodReads use their logo in their GR review. If you would like to do that, that works too. There are several link buttons here.


  1. All books reviewed need to have a M/M relationship as the primary theme. All sub-themes are welcome, given your personal preference. For example, M/M/F, transgender, transsexual, bisexual, etc. Please do NOT request a book to review that isn’t in your interest wheelhouse. If you hate SciFi, don’t request a SciFi book. If the book is M/F or F/F with a subplot of M/M, we will NOT be reviewing it. Not because M/F and F/F books give us the willies, but because we are a M/M review site. Folks wanted to read M/F or F/F stories have many other websites to choose from.
  2. In an effort to lower stress levels and not get ahead of ourselves, only 3 ARC’s will be given out to each reviewer at a time.
  3. I will be sending out emails of review requests as I get them. I don’t plan on doing a weekly digest unless things get crazy and I can’t keep track.
  4. All reviews need to be posted within 2 weeks of the request.
  5. All books given to us for free to review need to include a credit. Fill in the appropriate disclaimer and please comply with the publisher if they request specific links.
  6. When you request books on your own, from sources like NetGallery and IndigoMarketing, you need to comply 100% with their stipulations. For example, some want you to wait until release week to post your review. Some want a link back to the specific book you are reviewing in your disclaimer. Etc. If you need to fill out your website when asking for access, link to your author page (for example, here is mine You will be able to see your page once you post a review).
  7. You are welcome to post a review for a book that you purchased with your own money, but before doing so please drop me and email to let me know.
  8. You can post as many (as long as the above rules are abided by) or a few reviews as you would like. No pressure, no stress. We’re all here to have fun!
  9. I do ask that if you haven’t posted anything or don’t plan to post anything in a months time that you drop me an email and let me know that you need a break or whatever is going on. That will help me with assigning guest reviewers who would like the opportunity to work with us.


Any GBR reviewer who cannot abide by these rules will be asked to leave the group. The goal is to facilitate a open, honest community, regardless of conflicting interests. Be respectful of others and expect respect from others in return. (Comments will be monitored periodically to make sure reviewers and community members are abiding by the rules of conduct. If you notice anything getting heated in a negative matter, I’d appreciate a head’s up.)

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