Take Me As I Am – Detroit

Book Title: Take me as I am – Detroit
Author: Angeleque Ford
Publisher: Phaze Books

Genre: Contemporary M/M, African American
Length: 20K words
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Jay Black, popular late night radio jockey for Detroit’s 90.5 WKBL, is feeling the blues since he broke up with his long time lover Darrius. His listeners all know about his break-up and they are trying to get him into the dating scene by suggesting an on air contest to win a date with him.

Darrius Stone is back in town and wants Jay in his life again. He phones in anonymously with a proposal – a one night stand to get Jay over the dating hump.

Jay’s two co- hosts think this is a wonderful idea but Jay refuses to play, even with “booty call” rules. Who knew there were rules? However, the radio station, seeing this as a great publicity stunt, pushes the idea of a one night stand and Jay has no option but to agree to the date. Unfortunately he discovers that his “date” is none other than his former live-in lover who had cheated on him, so he walks out.

This is a love story with a lot of pathos. Jay really loves Darrius but can’t bring himself to forgive the one thing that broke his heart, walking in on Darrius having sex with a woman in their apartment, sans condom, putting his life in danger.

Darrius, not willing to give up, calls Jay that night and they have phone sex hot enough to burn your skin off. I had to stand in front of the freezer for a couple of minutes to cool off. These two men are really into each other but Jay can’t forget even though he forgives Darrius. Because he really wants to have sex Jay agrees to the original suggestion of a one night stand, but on his terms. As their date plays out, the ambience is very “urban cool” and you can almost hear and feel the beat of the driving hip-hop slow jams in the background, accompanying their torrid lovemaking.

Take Me As I AmDetroit is a story with a difference. Ms Ford has written a powerful book about two fabulous, sexy men who want what everyone does, to be accepted for what they are with all their flaws, and their hope for a little tolerance in the world. The heat level in this book is easily a 10 as are the men and there is enough of a story, albeit short, to make it a really enjoyable read. My hat is off to Ms Ford for her insight in creating these wonderful characters who have the same vulnerabilities as the rest of us!

This book was formerly reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews


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