Blind Faith

Author: Claire Thompson
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary, GBLT (M/M)
Length: Quickie
Rating: 4.5 stars

Zane and Aidan had been lovers off and on for years and Zane had flitted in and out of Aidan’s life whenever his gypsy spirit moved him. One year ago Adam was blinded in an accident and had practically withdrawn from the world. Then all of a sudden Zane is back and Aidan realizes that he had no idea about the accident or Aidan’s blindness.

When Zane sees Aiden the first time since his accident he is shocked at the changes in his appearance. Aidan is very self conscious about his scars and believes that Zane would be repulsed by his damaged body. Zane realizes that he has always wanted to be in Aidan’s life but how could he convince the man who believes that, true to his usual pattern, he would be gone again very soon? Zane sets out on a campaign to woo Aidan and win his trust so that he would have no doubts Zane truly loved him and this time it will be different.

Then Zane gets a job offer that will take him away from Aidan. Can he stay the course this time and not disappoint Aidan? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

The pace of the book is fast and the action between the two characters is plausible, given their history. The sex is hot and steamy and Zane makes love to Aidan as if he were the only man he would ever want. Claire Thompson has packed a lot of story into this short format and both the story and characters are what drew me in and kept me until the end. The author does an excellent job of demonstrating how challenging it is for a blind person to live in a world made for the sighted and she does it in a way that is not at all depressing but woven into the story in a matter of fact but illuminating way.

Blind Faith is a very poignant tale about love lost and found and I thought that Zane’s and Aidan’s characters were very credible and likeable. Both men come across as remarkable but I found that Zane was great in the way he accepted Aidan’s disability and scars and forced him to embrace them and eliminate his insecurities. This is a terrific book and should appeal to both fans and new readers of Claire Thompson’s writing.
This book contains scenes of light bondage and BDSM play




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