Two Masters for Alex

Title: Two Masters for Alex
Author: Claire Thompson
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, GBLT, Ménage (M/M/F) BDSM
Length: Novel
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Liam and Daniel live together as Master and slave and are looking for a third to fulfill Daniel’s desire to explore his dominant tendencies and complete their D/s relationship. When Alex shows up in response to their ad in a gay periodical they are less than thrilled that she is a woman, but decide to give her a trial run for a week. Unfortunately Alex’s ideas of erotic submission in the D/s lifestyle do not even come close to reality. Alex, who is a published author, thinks that even if things don’t work out during her trial period at least the experience will give her ideas for her next book.

The first day Daniel educates Alex on what her duties entail and she is horrified. Instead of being waited on until Liam’s return home from work in the evening when she would be adored, pleasurably tortured and pampered by two men, she is expected to be Daniel’s submissive during the day and actually do housework, a lot of housework! This is certainly not the fantasy that she pictures. When she experiences her first whipping that evening she is taken outside herself as she has the most amazing orgasm of her life but the piece de resistance is saved for Daniel as he pleasures his Master and she can only look and learn, envious of the deep bond of love between the two men, realizing that she is nothing but a toy and an outsider.

The book contains a lot of humour as Alex struggles to meet Daniel’s exacting standards and fails, with the resultant punishments, but to her mortification not the kind she hopes for. Daniel, on the other hand, has some trust issues as he tries not to be jealous of sharing Liam’s personal attentions with Alex. Both Liam and Daniel wonder if they made a mistake in inviting the less than submissive Alex into what was previously an almost perfect union. Alex, on the other hand, has to deal with the fact that this situation is not at all what she envisaged her role to be when she conceived the idea of becoming a live-in submissive to two gay men who obviously love each other.

The dialogue and the pictures painted by the author of the utter chaos caused by Alex’s presence which turns the household on its ears, and the bedlam that ensues when real life hits the characters in the face as they try to cope with living as a threesome, make this book really enjoyable and hilarious. But the high point is the emergence of Daniel as a Master which both pleases and concerns Liam as he tries to deal with his feelings towards Daniel’s new persona. The addition of Alex brings the eroticism between Liam and Daniel to new heights as her presence changes the dynamic of their bond. Will Alex be allowed to stay with her two Masters after her trial period expires? You will have to read the book to find out.

Two Masters for Alex offers the reader a whole lot more than the usual fare in books written about this genre. The dark world of BDSM as described so skilfully by Claire Thompson is a place where pain is relative and is a precursor to pleasure so blissful that it approaches nirvana. The kiss and sting of the whip wielded by a Master onto the body of a submissive takes the slave into a headspace or “state of grace” where reality is blurred and their world is confined to that experience alone. Ms Thompson’s complex characterizations and plot showcase Liam, a Master in every way – a sexy, drop dead gorgeous authority figure and Daniel, just as good looking with a body that doesn’t quit who is the perfect “switch”. Together they create the ideal foil for the lovely Alex who, despite her best intentions, can’t seem to quite grasp what’s expected of her and her lapses add considerable humour to an already terrific story.

Two Masters for Alex is a wonderful study of the human condition and its failings which are ever present in any relationship that has to cope with complex emotions and the people who experience them. I recommend this book as one any lover of the genre would be proud to have on their bookshelves.

This book contains scenes that may be too intense for some readers


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