Undeniable Magnetism

Title: Undeniable Magnetism
Author: Bonnie Dee
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary, GBLT (M/M), Interracial
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Simon walks into Jay’s bar after a difficult day at his father’s advertising firm where he is the heir apparent, and Jay knows right away that the day is turning out to be a whole lot brighter than anticipated. They start chatting, one thing leads to another and suddenly they are in Jay’s back room having oral sex.

Jay who is blue collar Irish-Catholic does not expect to see Simon again although he wants to and thinks that it was probably a onetime thing. However, a few days later Simon shows up again and they are back at it. This time Simon spends the night and becomes a fixture in Jay’s life as they start dating. Simon who has been brought up as the scion of an uptight, rich and society-conscious African American family, is deep in the closet and makes every excuse to Jay to keep his homosexuality “on the down low” by not introducing him as his lover to family and friends. Eventually, Jay who is street smart and very savvy, and who is falling more and more for Simon every day, tires of all the secrecy and excuses and confronts Simon who does the right thing in a very big way.

Undeniable Magnetism is more than a story of two men from different backgrounds ultimately finding each other and staying together. It is also about tolerance, racial and sexual prejudices and how these two flawed characters cope in a relationship while confronting the challenges of family, friends and society. Bonnie Dee has done an amazing job with the characterizations in the book and the dialogue is believable, funny and really fresh and shows Jay’s and Simon’s genuine feelings for each other. Highly recommended and a terrific read.

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