So Much More Than Naked

Title: So Much More Than Naked
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Publisher: http://
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Genre: Contemporary, GBLT (M/M), BDSM

Length: Novel
Rating: ***** (out of 5)

It had to be a mistake. That’s the first thing Darcy thought when he arrived at the address given to him by his brother Martin of his supposed blind date. Instead of meeting a woman who might be a suitable date to take to Martin’s wedding he is greeted by Ryan, a Dom who had placed an ad for a submissive.

Ryan doesn’t think it’s a mistake that Darcy ended up at his house. He is immediately attracted to Darcy who has been denying for years that he is gay. Darcy, while he also feels an attraction to Ryan, does everything he can to suppress it, but on the night of Martin’s wedding he crosses the line and can no longer deny it. Ryan makes him feel cared for, which is something he has never experienced as he has always been the responsible one, the one in control, looking after his mother and younger brother.

When tragedy strikes, Darcy does not know where to turn and he is falling apart. Ryan, who is a sex therapist, challenges him to submit and give over control. Darcy is at first hesitant but he wants to prove to Ryan that he is not what and who he thinks he is so he agrees. It is the most incredible sexual experience for Darcy who up until this point was a virgin at 26. He realizes then that it’s game over.

So Much More Than Naked is much more than just another book about letting go of control or denying one’s sexual orientation because of concerns and fears about others’ perceptions. It’s about release and giving someone else power over your life, realizing that you don’t always have to be strong. It’s also about accepting help when the burden is too great to bear alone, admitting that you need someone else and not being afraid to let that person know you love him. Darcy had to learn a valuable lesson that loving and being loved is the most important thing in life and that he could put his total trust in Ryan, knowing he will keep him safe. I would highly recommend this wonderful book as, once again, D.J. Manly hits one out the park.


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