Inking Aaron

Title: Inking Aaron
Author: Cheryl Dragon
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Genre: Contemporary, GBLT (M/M) Interracial
Length: novella
Rating: **** (out of 5)

Mohan is trying to renew the lease for his tattoo parlour in an upscale Las Vegas hotel. Between losing staff and declining business it seems to be an uphill battle and at thirty-five he is not looking forward to starting over again at another location. All- American Aaron is attracted to Mohan and he is the epitome of the successful young executive; at twenty-eight he is well on his way up the corporate ladder as a Vice President in the hotel.

Aaron’s boss tells Mohan that he is unlikely to renew his lease unless he can find promotional events to bring new business into the hotel and Aaron is desperate for him to stay. Mohan, who is also attracted to Aaron, is wary of “suits” and men who are in the closet where he suspects Aaron is firmly entrenched. He has had a number of bad experiences with other men who used him then moved on and he has sworn that it will never happen to him again. He wants to do more than ink Aaron’s body, he also wants to keep him but only on condition that Aaron acknowledges their relationship and is no longer hiding in the closet. Since rebelling against his strict Hindu upbringing and leaving home at 18 because his parents could not accept his homosexuality he is determined to live his life openly as a gay man.

To Aaron, Mohan is completely opposite to him and the other “preppy” men with whom he has been involved and he makes the first move when he arranges to have his body inked. As soon as he enters Mohan’s tattoo den the attraction which had been simmering for a year explodes into the most sexual and sensual experience of his life as Mohan teaches him that tantric sex is not just something you learn about in yoga class. Aaron tells Mohan he loves him but Mohan does not believe Aaron is sincere and thinks he is only looking for a new experience before moving on.

When a swarm of reporters descend on Mohan’s tattoo parlour as he is inking a celebrity, his business and the hotel benefit from the surge in publicity and he is sure it is a P.R. stunt arranged by Aaron to keep him in the hotel. He’s furious and refuses to have anything to do with Aaron who he thinks did it to have continued access to his body while still living “on the down low”. Aaron has to prove to his man that he is sincere and does it in a very big way, but you will have to read the book for the big finale.

In Inking Aaron the author takes a different approach to a familiar plot line by giving the readers a peek into a diverse cultural experience. Mohan’s and Aaron’s characters are well developed and the dialogue between them and Aaron’s sister who is also gay, gives additional credibility to the story. This is a delightful book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves the genre.

This book was formerly reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews


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