True of Heart (The Draegan Lords #1)

Title: True of Heart (The Draegan Lords #1)
Author: M. L. Rhodes
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Kellesborne Press
Genre: Paranormal/ GBLT (M/M)/Action Adventure
Length: Novel (Paperback)
Rating: ***** +(out of 5)

The Draegan Lords is the epic story so far of the long battle between the draegans, a race of dragon shapeshifters and their mortal enemy Byram, High Sorcerer and diabolical ruler of Velensperia. 100 years ago Byram launched a deadly attack against the draegans and their leader at the time was killed. The race was almost destroyed except for a few of them who lived in hiding but after a century of repression the remaining draegans, under the leadership of Keiran Hareldson, have begun to fight back

In True of Heart, part I of The Draegan Lords series, Gaige Rizik, Captain of Byram’s High Guard and known as the White Panther, is sent to infiltrate the draegans posing as a human sympathizer to their cause. He realizes immediately that, contrary to what he had been told, the draegans are not bloodthirsty beasts and that Keiran is a charismatic man who only wants the best for his people. Gaige, who is conflicted and torn over his mission, can’t resist Keiran and they fall in love. He defects and becomes the true mate of Keiran but his defection comes at a high personal cost.

The Draegan Lords Series

In part II of the series Lords of Kellesborne, M.L Rhodes continues the mesmerizing story of the draegans and their Lord Keiran, interspersed with the wonderful romance between Keiran and Gaige. The book opens after Gaige’s rescue when Keiran takes him to the ancient draegan stronghold of Kellesborne to be healed. During their stay Keiran reveals to Gaige a secret of his heritage that could help them in their fight with Byram’s forces.

A full scale war looms on the horizon between Byram’s forces bent on annihilation and the draegans who must fight and win if their race is to survive. Both sides seek the maximum advantage in a world where distance is measured in days rather than hours, and victory or defeat can only be assessed by the numbers of casualties.

There is a wealth of raw emotion in Lords of Kellesborne from the sex to Keiran’s fears that his people’s expectations will be impossible to meet and his own dread that he will be found wanting when tested in the upcoming fray.

The setting for The Draegan Lords is the wonderful, mystical world of Velensperia and M.L. Rhodes has opened her imagination full throttle to give the reader a veritable feast of all the elements expected in a fantasy including magick, sorcery, love, adventure and amazing secondary characters. When the action in the story shifts from love scenes to battle, the author uses her remarkable visionary skills to create scenes of violence, chaos and destruction.

Once again M.L. Rhodes has given her readers a wonderfully crafted story about characters that are unique and alien yet believable and real at the same time. At the end of the tale the author sets up the scenario for part III in the series, Fires of Ballian, which is eagerly awaited by fans of The Draegan Lords.

This book contains scenes of violence and rape and may not be suitable for everyone

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