The Gripping Beast

Title: The Gripping Beast
Author: Charlene Teglia
Genre: Romantic Time Travel
Length: Novel
Rating: **** ½ (out of 5)

Lorelei Michaels is the flamboyant lead vocalist/songwriter of the all female rock band The Sirens and she has always had a passion for myths and legends. Tonight was going to be the final performance of the band’s very successful Legends tour but for some reason she feels that there is something missing in her life, something for which she is waiting. Her friend Dane gives her a Viking armband with a gripping beast in the design and tells her its unusual history of two lovers who had vanished while wearing the armbands.

On this night of the band’s last performance on the tour Lorelei is thrown into a time warp 1100 years in the past into a room full of Norsemen and finds herself being auctioned off by a slave trader. She is rescued by Erik Thorolfsson a merchant trader who takes her to his ship. When she recovers she is his prisoner and they are out to sea. She notices that her arm band with the gripping beast is missing; instead her captor Eric is wearing two of them. After a while she realizes that she is in some sort of parallel universe and not on a movie set, which was her first assumption and when she tries to explain to Eric that she is from the 21st century he believes she is insane.

She decides to make the best of her present situation and regard her predicament as a holiday. She had intended to go on holiday after the tour to some place like Puget Sound so how bad could this be? Just like in her own time she and Harold (Dane) get along well together but what was she going to do about his brother, Erik the Viking who treated her as his slave and expected her to obey him even in bed? For a 21st century woman this was hard to swallow.

Ms Teglia included a great deal of historical information in this book about Norse mythology which made for a very interesting background to the story. She also has a remarkable sense of humor which shows up at the strangest times. When the heroine recites the Star Trek motto: “Our mission: To explore strange new worlds” the first time she has sex with our hero it was too, too funny.

The Gripping Beast is book 1 of The Sirens series and this story moves from present day to Norse mythology in an instant and the reader is along for a great ride. What I loved most is that the author took the time to develop the supporting characters as well as the relationship between Erik and Lorelei, before they had sex. The Gripping Beast is a terrific beginning to what this reader hopes is going to be a great series.

This book was formerly reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews


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