Jackson’s Pride (In the Company of Men #2)

Title: Jackson’s Pride (In the Company of Men #2)
Author: Lynn Lorenz
Buy Link: Amazon.com
Genre: GLBT (M/M) Erotic Historical
Length: Novel
Rating: ***** +(out of 5)

Will was at the point of death when Jackson found him beaten and tied to a tree with a rope around his neck. His crime? Being a sodomite. After Jackson cuts him down he nurses him to health, and in the days that follow they fall in love. Jackson suspects that Will is no ordinary commoner. When he recovers they journey to his home and Jackson’s fears are confirmed.

Jackson is a nameless bastard with no land or title and he must follow his destiny to his father’s castle in Baymore where he has been summoned. Jackson’s pride will not permit him to become little more than a kept man which, in his mind, is what he would be if he stays with Will at his home. Will is devastated by the news that Jackson is leaving; he loves Jackson and does not want him to go as he fears that he may never return from Baymore.

When Jackson arrives at his father’s home he is dying. Hugh, the current Lord Baymore and Jackson’s half brother, is an evil man who is determined to let no one stand in his way and he puts in motion a plan that will ensure his continued status and prosperity

In the Company of Men: Jackson’s Pride is Book 2 in this series and it is just as wonderful as Book1, The Mercenary’s Tale. It is a superb story of the love between two men who must overcome all obstacles to be together but it is also about another man’s greed and how these two opposing objectives play out in the game of life. The sex, like everything else in the book, is larger than life and the ambience is sensuous, at times intense and incredibly erotic. Ms Lorenz knows how to create love scenes that make the reader feel that the two characters are real.

Jackson is an honourable man who only wants to be acknowledged by his father, allowed to love the man of his choice and be loved in return. Vulnerable Will who is Jackson’s opposite in looks and demeanour knows when and how to fight for his man for whom he has a deep and abiding love. The supporting characters are as three dimensional as I have come to expect from this author as, once again, she pens a story that held my interest until the end. I’m really looking forward to Baymore’s Heir, book 3 in the series which should be just as incredible as the other two.

Lynn Lorenz has written another brilliant story about a far-off era that is inhabited by complex and multifaceted characters and she is as good as or better than most writers in the art of world building. I can do no less than give this story 5 stars and highly recommend it to readers unfamiliar with her writing and fans alike.

This book contains scenes of violence and rape and may not be suitable for everyone

This book was formerly reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews

In the Company of Men Series



  • Mary

    I loved these books and if you check out The Mercenary’s Tale it’s just as good. I’ll ask the author if it’s out in paperback – don’t think so but I’ll find out. She’s a terrific writer.

  • Came here redirected by your review of Lorenz’s last book. And OMG, this one sounds fabulous! Historical with a lot of “classical” elements of historical novels but it feels like it’s going to be very different anyway. You had me hooked from the moment you mentionned the poor guy tied to the tree. Talk about punch. This one goes straight to the wish list *g* D’you know if it’s available in print?


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