Mission: RAW

Title: Mission: RAW
Author: Mary Winter
Publisher: http://changelingpress.com
Genre: Paranormal, Action/ Adventure, GLBT (M/M)
Length: Short Story
Rating: **** ½ (out of 5)

A sniper’s bullet had found Sawyer while on a secret mission in the late 1970’s and his injuries were too severe for him to recover. Thirty years later he wakes up in the Toymaker’s workshop as an action figure with the same Mohawk haircut and markings on his face that he wore during his mission.

Dean Morrow is anxious to start his windsurfing vacation but on arrival at his secluded Caribbean villa he realizes that he has a neighbour who looks familiar. When he meets Sawyer in person he is swimming naked in the pool and Dean is attracted to him. The next morning as he is windsurfing he is joined by Sawyer who is also passionate about extreme sports but being with him opens old wounds about Dean’s former lover. After Sawyer invites himself over to Dean’s villa they end up in the shower; one thing leads to another and although Dean senses an emotional connection to Sawyer that he hasn’t had since his last relationship he can’t go beyond oral sex.

A few days later Dean confronts Sawyer about his convenient presence at the remote location where he is supposed to be the only person in residence. He does not believe Sawyer’s explanation about dying and being reborn as an action figure or his statement that Dean is his new mission and the reason he is back on earth.

Although Dean has difficulty believing Sawyer’s story he still wants him and the first time they actually have sex it’s on a beach where “grains of sand bit into Sawyer’s knees. The roar of the surf combined with the cry of the gulls created a symphony for their lovemaking.” Mary Winter writes so eloquently that I had to quote this text.

But there is danger in the sea and our two heroes will have to fight to stay alive in more ways than one. Can they make it and acknowledge how much they love and need each other? Is Sawyer’s mission to save Dean or himself? Will they overcome their differences and get their happy ever after?

Mission: RAW is book 2 in the Live Action Heroes series. Mary Winter creates three dimensional characters that this reader believes can actually walk off the pages of her books and come to life. In this story Dean appears on the surface to be carefree and in control but is really a scarred and vulnerable man and Sawyer, who loves Dean sees him as his reason to live after being given a second chance at life.

I love this short story and recommend Mission: RAW to anyone who likes a bit of adventure and extreme sports to go along with hot loving and I can’t wait for Book 3.

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