My Fair Captain (Jesse’s Review)

Title: My Fair Captian
Author: J.L. Langley
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: GLBT (M/M) Sci-Fi Regency
Length: 312 pages (print)
Rating: ***** +(out of 5)

Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins left his home on the Planet Englor and renounced his title and property to become Captain of a Navy space frigate because of a secret in his past. His Admiral asks him to use his peerage as the Earl of Deverell to go undercover on the Planet Regelence and investigate a missing weapons cache and he is forced to comply. When he arrives he finds a world that is poles apart from his own as night is from day. Here the young men are guarded and are expected to remain virgins until marriage or when they reach their majority at twenty-five. Unfortunately for Nate the first time he meets the King’s artistic son Prince Aiden he falls for him despite the differences in their outlook and personalities.

The Sci-Regency Series

Aiden has a flair for getting into trouble and having accidents and his parents King Steven and King-Consort Raleigh have threatened to curtail his freedom and find a consort for him if he doesn’t toe the Royal line. The first time Aiden meets the dashing Captain Hawkins he falls into his arms, literally, from a tree where he had been hiding in order to do some sketching. He is immediately attracted to Nate who is the first man to ring his bell but he is aware that as a Prince he cannot afford to be compromised. Aiden, who is completely unlike Nate, has no interest in politics or having a consort and only wants to be an artist. Nate however wants Aiden very badly and has a hard time letting his scruples get in the way of his hormones but he doesn’t want to do anything that would hurt Aiden who he is beginning to care for, also the King and his Consort would kill him.

The author takes the time to let the readers into Nate’s back story which lends credence to his character and personality. Several scenes in the book resonated with me but I will mention two in particular. The first is the formal ball held in honour of Regelence veterans where Nate, representing his Fleet, is dressed to the nines in all his military splendour, looking resplendent in his uniform. When he appears in front of Aiden and requests a waltz Aiden realizes that if he accepts Nate’s invitation it would be for more than just a dance and would signify a commitment which by this time he is quite prepared to make . The way the scene is described made my heart flutter. The second scene occurs in Nate’s bedroom where Aiden is hiding as Nate emerges from the shower naked and pretends not to know Aiden is there while he, ahem, has some fun at his expense; but it turns out to be mutually pleasurable and very sensual.

My Fair Captain is my favourite J.L. Langley book and probably the most read and I now have it in both e-book format and print. This fast paced story has everything – a riveting plot, a great setting, terrific dialogue, humour, political intrigue, mayhem and murder, as well as action and adventure in a futuristic but Regency era on a far away planet . The patriarchal society created by the author is authentic in terms of the story as well as charming. The major difference in Regelence society is that being gay is the norm rather than the exception. The characters are so well drawn that they could step off the pages of the book and into everyday life without anyone turning a hair, except for the fact that they are all extremely handsome!. There is great chemistry between Nate and Aiden and the romance is so erotic and hot it burns brightly and engulfs the reader but it is the enthralling plot that drew me in and kept me entranced until the very end. What a remarkable story.

Nate represents every human quality and characteristic I want in a hero – strong, decisive, hot, brave, articulate, loving, sensitive and of course hot (I guess I said that before); there just aren’t enough superlatives to describe him. The other characters in the book are equally remarkable from Prince Aiden – innocent, totally adorable and a wonderful foil for Nate, to King Steven and King-Consort Raleigh and their other offspring who you know are waiting in the wings for their own stories. Trouble, Nate’s adopted son whose character I thought was absolutely first rate, has a very important role in the story but I won’t reveal it and be a spoiler. Even the computer Jeffers that controls security in and around the house and grounds has a distinct personality which is evidence of the author’s unique sense of humour.

My Fair Captain is a terrific book, the equivalent of a blockbuster summer flick at the movies and I can’t say enough good things about it. I think the book is sci-fi at its best and adding a Regency period twist as part of the setting is sheer genius. If you buy this book be prepared to stay up all night to finish it – you won’t be able to put it down! The Englor Affair, book 2 in this Sci-Regency series will be available in November which is way too long to wait.



  • Madonna
    I’m sorry, I just saw your comment. Unfortunately when these reviews were moved from the blog to the site all of the other comments disappeared. Many readers recommended this book but it’s all a matter of taste. The scene where Nate refers to Aiden as “his boy” was similar to a BDSM scene so I didn’t find this objectionable in the context it was used.

    Not every rec. works for every reader but this particular book is JL’s biggest seller, next to The Tin Star I believe.

  • Most of your wonderful reviews echo my own thoughts, but I couldn’t get into this novel at all. It didn’t flow for me, and when later on Nate refers to Aiden as “his boy” – well, it was kind of cringeworthy. I admit I couldn’t finish it.


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