Shayne Carmichael and Mychael Black Interview

Jessewave welcomes the incredible writing team of Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael, authors of Realms of Fantasy, Dark Needs, Kitten 1 and 2, The Prince’s Angel, The Duke’s Husband and now Through the Dark which is being released today by Phaze.

Thank you so much Myc and Shayne for agreeing to be interviewed. What would you like your fans to know about you?

Shayne: My brain is a very scary place.

Mychael: Yes, yes, it is. Seriously? I’m OCD. LOL Though I doubt that’s a secret at this point.

Is writing your passion – something you must do? What genres do you write and why?

Shayne: Writing is something I would do even if I wasn’t paid for it, and I’ve written fantasy, contemporary, sci fi and historical. I definitely enjoy twisting genres like paranormal, western and sci fi, thus coming up with a Wild West gambler who becomes a vampire then ends up a future vampire on another planet in the same book. Okay, I do like the strange stuff, and I love making the impossible work as a story.

Mychael: Absolutely. I can’t imagine NOT writing. As for genres, I do a little bit of everything, though fantasy (swords & sorcery) is my biggest literary love. It started with Tolkien at the age of nine and has only spiralled out of control since.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement professionally?

Shayne: Being accepted by three publishers and having people out there buy my stuff. To me it’ll never get better than that.

Mychael: What Shayne said. The acceptances, the knowledge that folks like what we do.

Mychael you edit for Torquere’s Taste Tests and for Phaze. What are the challenges of editing compared to those inherent in writing?

Mychael: Actually, editing is easier than writing. With writing, I know the story (even if it’s just in my head), so I just let things go without worrying about self-editing till it’s done. But with editing, I’m able to look at a manuscript with a fresh eye, so it’s easier to see errors.

What are the challenges of writing with a partner? How do you collaborate?

Shayne: We collaborate like role playing. I generally take one char, Myc the other. Then we write back and forth. It makes it hard to stay in one POV, but we enjoy it. The challenge then becomes how can you manage to write alone.

Mychael: *points to Shayne* Exactly. For us, writing together is easy. It’s the solo stuff that’s a pain. LOL

Your partnership
and separate writing careers have achieved significant accomplishments in a short period of time and have won a number of awards. Do the awards make you feel validated in your career choice as writers or do they really matter?

Mychael: I’m not sure I’d say they make us feel validated, but they’re certainly nice recognition.

Which of your books has been the most successful to date in terms of sales? Critical acclaim? If you couldn’t have both, what would be your preference?

Shayne: That would be Kitten, and I have to say I prefer the sales. Plus I prefer readers’ satisfaction to any kind of other acclaim.

Mychael: Duo? Definitely Kitten. Solo? Anything involving Robbie and Seth, or Triarius. LOL As for which I’d prefer, I want the fame. *grins*

What does it feel like to be on top of your game? To what do you attribute your success?

Shayne: I’m never sure I’m at the top. I’m always asking Myc if we are or not. He thinks so, but I don’t know. On that success thing, I have no clue. For some reason some people like what I write. Most times I think it’s partly because I have a wild imagination, and the other part is luck.

Mychael: Well…while I don’t know if we’re at the top, I like to think we’re at least getting there. When I see my books online, it never fails to give me the ‘holy shit’ feeling, you know? One of those moments where I just can’t believe that people actually like what I write. In terms of success, I’m not too sure either. (Though most who know me will say it’s because I’m a workaholic.)

Mychael you seem to be the public “face” for the partnership. How did that role evolve?

Mychael: Mostly because Shayne has limited computer time LOL Shayne is the brains behind the TPA website; I handle the PR stuff.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Shayne: Be very careful of who you choose to publish you, and do the best research you can on the company.

Mychael: In addition to what Shayne said, I’ll add: don’t ever let anyone tell you to stop. Write what you want, not what you think others want.

Mychael, what’s this thing you have for Johnny Depp? I know he is a hottie and a very talented man but should he be concerned for his safety?

Mychael: *clears throat* Um…no! *discreetly closes folder of Depp pics* Heh. The man is utterly brilliant, the most amazing character actor in the world. He can take ANY type of character and just do absolute wonders with it. Okay, so he’s also hot as sin.

Mychael what’s with all the plot bunnies running around in your head? Most writers have difficulty coming up with one good plot.

Shayne *wonders if Myc will tell the truth about lots of those bunnies*

Mychael *sticks tongue out* There’s a reason why they’re called plot BUNNIES. They don’t stop breeding. Ever. I get one, and before I know it, I’ve got a billion. *sighs*

Mychael I read somewhere that you have a deep interest in archaeology (perhaps fanaticism would be a better word) and for all things Welsh, medieval history, swords, knights etc.etc. Should we be worried that world domination is next on your agenda after you conquer Wales?

Mychael: Yes. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I will come bearing my sword. Um…wait. That didn’t sound right…

Shayne how many more books are left to be completed in the 8 book series – The Legends of Romanorum? When this project is finished do you have a solo project on the horizon?

Shayne: This is the series that never ends. It goes on and on, my friend. To be honest, I’m not sure if The Legends Series will ever end. It’s spawned duet works and solo works from both of us. One of my future projects is a Legends female heroine whose father is a vampire entitled Prince of the City.

Mychael: *snorts* This is a series that has spawned MORE series, namely my Inferi Brotherhood stories (the ones with Triarius).

Are you both gamers? Do you ever play against each other and if so, who normally comes out the winner?

Shayne: I’ll let Myc talk about that since I’m not a gamer.

Mychael: May they all die a slow, painful death… *looks around* I play a necromancer in EverQuest. Oh, and a paladin in World of Warcraft, and a Loremaster in Lord of the Rings Online. Umm…not to mention numerous other ‘toons (characters).

Shayne what kind of artwork do you do? Is it available for sale? If so where?

Shayne: I enjoy playing with Poser and making Poser art that doesn’t look like Poser art. I also do works in color pencil, chalk, watercolour and oils. None for sale, though I’ve considered becoming a cover artist. Mostly I just do the artwork for some of our covers and our trailers. It’s one of my things to create men to lust after both in image and in word.

What one question (outrageous or otherwise) have you never been asked that you’re dying to answer?

Shayne: How close are you and Myc…really? *snickers* But then I might not be dying to answer that as much as let the readers wonder.

Mychael: Heh. “Who’s the top?” maybe… In that case, it would be Shayne. *winks*

Through the Dark is being released today by Phaze. Can you give the readers a 30 second pitch for the book?

Shayne: Weres. Lust, love, no bondage… damn. Alpha males. Insanity. Blood. Death.

Mychael: Yep, that about sums it up.

What are you working on now that your fans can look forward to?

Shayne: Right now, I’m on a fantasy bent. I just finished Alerian, female heroine in a dragon shifting – magical – world, bit of romance but mostly plot. In addition I’m working on Karmic Payback, Prince of the City and Realm of the Golden Phoenix.

Mychael: Uhh… *blinks* Let’s see… A story about an autistic young man; an historical novel about Triarius’ rise to power; a Chaser series with Jack and Ty (have two written, working on the third instalment); a novel with Robbie and Seth; an m/m/f urban fantasy shifter story; and only the gods know what else.

*How can readers and fans contact you?

Shayne: plus there are several free stories on the website

Mychael: or or my LJ at My website is

We also have our Yahoo group that’s mostly just announcements. It’s:

Shayne: Did I behave myself? I promised not to dominate this interview. *is being a good Shayne for once*

Thank you Shayne and Myc, and Shayne you tried very hard not to dominate the interview – not sure if you succeeded *g*. This was a lot of fun and really cool but I was so hoping for a serious interview – maybe next time!


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