I’ll Be Hot For Christmas

Title: I’ll Be Hot For Christmas
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Genre: Contemporary, GLBT (M/M)
Length: Fling Stocking Stuffer
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

 In this new adventure since The Assignment, it’s been a year after the RamJack where they first confessed their feelings for each other and Detectives Nick Valenti and Sean O’Brian have been sharing an exclusive and white-hot relationship….. when Nick suddenly pulls away.

Sean is understandably upset because it has been more than a month since he and Nick have seen any action under the sheets or anywhere else for that matter and he is determined to find out why he is getting the cold shoulder especially just before Christmas! Since Nick’s involvement in a recent shooting incident he has been placed on administrative leave until cleared by Internal Affairs. He has changed, and not for the better. Sean’s temporary partner seems to be aggravating the situation and he’s driving him crazy; he can’t wait for Nick to be back on duty and his partner once more, in the ways that truly matter. The last straw for Sean is Nick being assigned to a charity event by the Commissioner on the anniversary of their RamJack bust, which means they will not be able to celebrate in private together.

Not to be outdone, Sean comes up with a seemingly brilliant plan that will ensure he has Nick’s undivided attention. His plan involves handcuffs and Nick’s body at his disposal and he is determined to make him disclose what’s bugging him this time so that they can get on with the business of loving each other.

I’ll Be Hot For Christmas is a great follow up to The Assignment. This story demonstrates why fans are so hot for Sean and Nick who seem to get into situations where misunderstandings blow everything out of proportion and affect their relationship in a negative way. But Sean is not one to let anything screw up what he and Nick have together. To Detective O’Brian, Nick Valenti is the best thing in his life and he is not about to let even the Commissioner interfere with his love for his partner.

This story is yet another great piece of writing by Evangeline Anderson and fans and new readers alike will want this on their bookshelf.


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