Desert Island Keepers (DIK)

The “ladies” (and I use that term loosely) decided that we need our own island to escape to armed with books, heroes and cocktails so we have set up our own island for this purpose.

The idea is that after we have everything we could possibly need, random authors would be invited to be in our Author Spotlight and stop by the island to meet us and share their DIK pics of books and heroes. We each get to invite an author and by my reckoning this could probably extend into 2010. We now have our own blog (they invited me to be part of the group after I begged :)) so I get to pick my very own author who I will have for three whole days on the island and everyone gets to share him/her. Please do not write me and ask to be my author, we have rulz that must be observed about how we go about choosing said author. When it’s my turn I get to choose a random topic for us all to discuss and said author gets to talk about … well whatever they want to as well as the topic for that week. So after that big intro here’s the link to our blog

If you get as far as the list of books on the blog, I made a horrible boo boo on my list – I put J.L. Langley down as the author of The Draegan Lords when of course it’s M.L. Rhodes so ML if you see the original list it’s been updated.

I have posted my DIK list of books on my blog as well as my list of heroes. My main hero, NATE from J.L. Langley’s My Fair Captain has not been named in my list of DIK heroes (but I left a space for him so I’m only naming 6 of my 7), because I wasn’t there for the original draw. In addition, I understand that Lisabea has threatened to kill anyone who tries to take Nate away from her – you might have seen her post on this topic. If not, check out her blog on Tuesday, May 12 and Wednesday May 13 at (I wonder if she knows that I’m pretty good with a sword?)

In a nutshell, there you have it. I’ll sign off now but I can guarantee you have not heard the last of this. There are about 20+ ladies in the DIK so you will be seeing a lot more about the DIK as you visit various blogs and sites. This should be a whole lot of fun, not just for us but the authors as well! Oh, there’s a picture of the island *g* at the top of this post.


I have been issued a Cease and Desist Order by Lisabea re My Fair Captain. It seems that, like Nate, MFC is hers for all eternity and has to be taken off my DIK list of books until I can get a “second” so that we can duel with swords (or pistols) at dawn. In protest I will not fill the void left by MFC until there is a court ruling in this matter. I will have to consult with the author re my next moves. In the meantime LB, enjoy your ill gotten spoils for whatever short space of time you have them grrrr Obviously LB does not subscribe to the principle of sharing and for those of you who don’t know why I love NATE so much, check out his photo on my blog where he stands in all his glory!!!


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