Secrets: A PsyCop Novel

Title: Secrets: A PsyCop Novel
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: GLBT (M/M) Paranormal Suspense
Length: Novella (133 pages)
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

The boys are back, fresh from their adventures in Body and Soul. Detectives Jacob Marks and Victor Bayne are moving in together at last. After being in a committed relationship for some time, they decided that it’s time to give shacking up a try and moving day is here. Vic wants to take all of his old crappy furniture and Jacob is negotiating as only he can – in bed. The action starts right away with the hottest sex this side of well …… anywhere.

In this new adventure Crash, Jacob’s ex, is putting the moves on Vic by trying to tempt him yet again to do the horizontal mambo and Vic has a hard time resisting the lure. He also has a major problem. He can’t find any trace on the Internet of Heliotrope Station known fondly as Camp Hell where he had spent 2 years nor can he locate any of the previous residents. In addition, there is no information about him anywhere – it’s as if he does not exist. No one will explain to him why this is and it’s driving him crazy to the point of believing that there is a huge conspiracy against him.

In the middle of Vic’s personal crisis Jacob has a new case to solve. A resident in Rosewood Court, an old folks’ home, claims she is being raped continuously but neither the staff, police nor the security cameras can detect any intruders. Is the resident lying? If not, how can this happen under the noses of everyone and the electronic surveillance system, without any clue as to the perpetrator’s identity? Is a ghost responsible for this dastardly deed?

In every PsyCop book there are considerable paranormal influences throughout since a major part of Vic’s job is tracking down dead people and getting them to ‘spill’. This psychic skill has been of enormous help in capturing suspects in the past but is of no assistance apparently in this case which is getting weirder by the minute. In addition, Vic is suspicious of Jacob who seems to be hiding something and he can’t account for his whereabouts. Does Vic have any reason to be jealous?

Then Vic’s friend Lisa, a precog from Camp Hell shows up for a visit. Before Vic can question her about the dearth of information regarding Camp Hell or his lack of a physical presence on the Internet she is thrown into the fray by being asked to help Jacob and his psy partner with the current investigation.

As usual the story is very dark but it is filled with the author’s trademark raunchy, incredible sex between Vic and Jacob that seems to happen at every opportunity. It’s a wonder they find the time to do any police work. The ghosts for the most part don’t seem to mind cooperating with the police investigation but, like in real life, they all seem to want something in return.

Secrets: A PsyCop Novel is extremely well written but there are a lot of characters in the story so you have to pay attention. If you’re new to this series my advice is to read the previous stories before Secrets because, in my opinion, this is not really a standalone book since characters from the other books tend to wander through this latest episode. Jordan Castillo Price has written another excellent adventure starring Detectives Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks and I enjoyed this story just as much as the previous books in the series.

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