Soul Bonds (Common Powers #1)

Title: Soul Bonds
Author: Lynn Lorenz
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary, GLBT (M/M) paranormal
Length: Novel
Rating: **** (out of 5)

Mitchell Collins is grieving the loss of his lover Steve five years after he was killed in an accident. He can’t seem to snap out of it until he meets Sammi in a gay bar and they click immediately.

Common Powers Series

Sammi who has been sexually abused as a child, is a sex slave with no money or identity and he’s trying to survive on the streets of Houston after running away from his owner, Donovan who keeps him imprisoned in his penthouse. Whenever he misbehaves he is locked up in a tiny cupboard alone in the dark which makes him almost insane with fear due to his extreme claustrophobia. Donovan was negotiating Sammi’s sale to a wealthy overseas buyer for 6 figures when he disappeared.

Sammi is immediately drawn to him in the bar and Mitchell breaks his cardinal rule of not taking anyone home; they have an immediate connection and he can’t resist Sammi. When they have sex something strange happens, they establish an unbreakable soul bond. They blow each other away and each one can feel what the other is experiencing during sex – it’s as if they are the same person. Sammi stays with him and they continue to cement their bond, realizing they can communicate telepathically which makes the sex even hotter if that were possible. In the meantime Donovan’s henchman Moretti is out gunning for Sammi, trolling every bar in the neighbourhood to find him.

There are other clouds on the horizon and Mitchell has a run of bad luck which keeps getting worse, the least of which is losing his job when Donovan’s enforcer shows up and trashes his employer’s office, then does the same thing to his apartment. Next, Mitchell realizes that his credit has been cancelled and his bank account closed which totally wipes him out. With no money, there’s only one person he can turn to, his friend Brian, and they stay with him for one night. But when his troubles continue to escalate Sammi finds out and runs away again to protect him because he cannot bear for Mitchell to be hurt because of him; he knows that this time he’ll have to try and make it on his own.

Will Donovan recapture Sammi and finalize his sale? Will Sammi ever get his life on track? Will he and Mitchell get back together again? These are questions that can only be answered if you read the book

Soul Bonds is the first paranormal story in a contemporary setting that I have read from this author as her previous books were erotic historicals. I thought that she did a great job on the characterizations of both Sammi and Mitchell who are quite likeable and very much in love; the plot is unusual including the premise that they can feel each other’s emotions and hurts and their life forces are entwined as much as their bonded hearts. Lynn Lorenz also did a good job on the pacing and of course the sex was sensational. Donovan and his henchman Moretti were well drawn as the “heavies” and I loved the character of Brian, Mitchell’s best friend – he is someone anyone would want to have behind them in a personal crisis. I’m really looking forward to the sequel Rush in the Dark, Brian’s story, which will be published this fall.


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