Cowboy Up

Title: Cowboy Up
Author: Mary Winter
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary, GBLT (M/M)
Length: Short Novel
Rating: **** ½ (out of 5)

Rock Brennan was at the top of his game on the rodeo circuit when an affair with another cowboy ruined his career. Now he’s training for one more shot at the big time in another discipline – reining, in a bid to reclaim his position of top dog in his chosen sport. He’s all set to focus on his riding when he arrives at the US Equestrian Team’s training camp until he meets his room-mate, hotter than hell dressage diva Andreas Thorpe.

Andreas takes one look at Rock and decides that the sexy cowboy is just what he needs for the duration of training camp. They start a torrid affair and both men figure on having a good time until camp breaks. But something happens on the way to a fun affair, they fall for each other which screws up everything because neither one wants to complicate his life with feelings and thoughts of happy ever after.

In addition to providing some of the hottest sex I have read in a while, this book gave me a tremendous amount of information about these two disciplines in equestrian sports. Mary Winter wove the information about dressage and reining seamlessly into the story in such a way that it was always enlightening but never became the focus of the story.

Andreas’ and Rock’s love story plays out against a background of horses, sweat, competition and hot looking men. The sex in this book is scorching and the two characters are quite believable in their roles as major league dressage rider and a cowboy working his way back to fame and fortune. I liked the dialogue between them and the vulnerability they showed when they realized that their affair could be over because there were more than enough reasons why it wouldn’t work in the real world.

Mary Winter has written another wonderful story where her main strength is her characters who are so believable that they could walk off the pages of the book. Both Rock and Andreas were strong and focused on their career but when it came to a choice between love and sticking with their chosen profession it was time to Cowboy up.





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