Shadow of a Wolf

shadowofawolfTitle: Shadow of a Wolf
Author: Jez Morrow
Genre: GLBT (M/M) paranormal, suspense
Length: Short Novel
Rating: ***** (out of 5)

Lieutenant Commander Jack Reed is in Naval Intelligence in the Department of Defense with a great future ahead of him; all he needs is a suitable wife. He was on top of his game until his best friend Martin Winter was kidnapped in front of him, and he realized then how much he loved him. Jack had not cried since he lost his parents but on the night of Martin’s disappearance he knelt in the icy leaves and forest litter and cried as if his world were ending. Two years later he still misses Martin and sees him in his dreams; they are both shapeshifters and Jack refuses to believe that Martin is dead.

Martin Winter loves his best friend Jack and would do anything to protect him, even if it means staying away so that his life is not endangered. He is an FBI Agent in the Criminal Investigations Branch, Office of Law Enforcement Coordination. Someone wants him dead and that “someone” could be inside the Agency and the last thing he wants is to involve Jack.

Jack has been seeing shadows for several nights and he wonders if he’s going crazy. Then Martin re-appears at his log cabin just as he vanished almost 2 years ago, in the rain! Jack can’t keep his hands off Martin, wanting to make up for lost time, letting him see how much he means to him and to his joy, Martin reciprocates although he is very fearful for Jack’s safety. This was the first time that either one had had a sexual relationship with another man and Martin has difficulty accepting the fact that he might be gay.

I loved the danger, suspense and intrigue in Shadow of a Wolf and the takedown of the traitor made for a very satisfying wrap-up but most of all, the two main characters and the love between them were what made the story. What can I say? A wolf always gets to me. This story was extremely moving in parts and the language was so erotic and evocative of romance that pictures played in my mind over and over. Most writers have a particular style and Ms Morrow’s is obviously to give the reader a wonderful scene and then let their imagination run wild.

Jack was everything you would expect of a ‘top’ in the relationship – handsome, powerful, comes from one of the best families, with a military background; but it was sensitive and caring Martin who really stole my heart. He had withstood 2 years of prison in the worst conditions possible so that he could return to clear his name and be back with Jack.

Jez Morrow’s writing is brilliant. This is a terrific love story and the emotion in the love scenes were what made this book special. At times the language was so poignant and tender you felt the characters’ love for each other and you knew it was not just about the sex, although that was exquisite. Highly recommended to anyone who loves a terrific story.


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