Ally Blue Interview

Ally Blue (Savannah)Ally Blue Interview

Jessewave is pleased to welcome renowned author Ally Blue for what we hope will be a revealing and fun interview. Most of you know Ally the author, but we uncovered some little known facts during the interview that we think will be VERY interesting. She has provided the following brief bio which she says she uses for her “evil day job” (EDJ) as a nurse case manager to make her patients feel that she’s very knowledgeable about her profession –

Ally is a rich and famous author of hot gay manlove. She travels the world in her private jet, being waited on hand and foot by her team of pretty young men who bring her umbrella drinks and make out for her pleasure. She’s also a wife and mother, a nurse by trade and a writer of manlove by inclination. She loves scary movies, horror and sci-fi, music festivals, and free fall rides. She also loves to hear what people think about her and her stories and invites her fans and other readers to contact her. Ally has published 13 books and 4 short stories. In her ‘spare’ time she writes for the print zine Forbidden Fruit and the e-zine Ruthie’s Club.

Hi Ally, and welcome. We really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today. We would like to separate the interview into your writing career and the things you like to do when you’re not working. We’ll start, where else, with your writing career:

Ally Blue, Writer

Ally, I learned a lot about you from reading posts on the internet (those guys seem really happy to have met you) but we want you to tell us something about Ally Blue that you have never revealed before ….

Oh, hm, let’s see.


I’m a big honkin’ dork? No, everybody knows that already. Uh, I’m a dirty old lady who pervs on the twenty-something college boys? Nope, everyone knows that already too. Hm, and everyone knows about the tattoos. Wow, I guess I yak a lot. LOL.

Okay, here’s something for you. The very first romances I ever wrote were sweet, traditional m/f HEAs. They were written in my head. On the school bus. When I was like thirteen and fourteen. I used to imagine cute guys I’d seen around (or cute musicians; oh my, shades of things to come! LOL) falling in love and KISSING. They never got past kissing – what can I say, I was an innocent at that age – but there was always an angsty story, a passionate kiss and a happy ending. I think it’s very telling that even at fourteen, I never imagined myself in the story. It was always some wonderful, beautiful, ideal girl. Usually with long, wavy blond hair for some reason. Shame none of those tales ever left my brain for the wider world of Back Of The History Notebook.

On second thought, maybe that’s a good thing…

Why write M/M books? What turns you on about the genre?

Aside from the obvious hotness factor – which I have to admit is part of it – I like getting inside the male point of view, and the man-on-man romantic relationship. The dynamic is different from that of a male-female relationship. The connection between the lovers is different, the way they interact is different, the way the people around them react to them and their relationship is different. I love that challenge. It’s endlessly fascinating to me.

To my eternal shame, I can’t connect as a writer to a female romantic lead (though I don’t have any problems as a reader). My one attempt at an m/f story was a transparent Mary Sue. Fun, but definitely without substance. It’s on my website if anyone wants to read it:

Ally nails (gets nailed by?) Brian Molko. Sad. LOL.

A pic of Mr. Molko, for reference:

What do you think is the allure of two men going at it that women (including me) can’t resist?

I guess the easy answer is “IT’S FREAKIN’ HAWT!” Which is true, of course, but probably not the whole story. I think part of it for us as women is the lure of the unknown (and depending on your background, maybe the forbidden as well). We women can – not to put too fine a point on it – be on the receiving end of teh buttsecks, and the giving end of the bj, but we can never know what it feels like to have the dangly bits ourselves, never mind have them inside someone else’s orifices. Human beings tend to be attracted to things we can’t have. So I think that’s part of it.

I think another part of the equation is that many of us love to see men opening up and being vulnerable. We don’t always get to see that in Real Life, so we turn to fiction. And seeing men being vulnerable with each other just makes it better 😀

That’s my theory. Thank you for attending Ally’s Gay Lurve Psychology For Women. LOL.

I love the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series and the books are enormously successful, with a huge fan base but what in the world were you thinking, scaring the pants off everyone? I understand that the television show Ghost Hunters inspired BCPI. So far I have only read the first two books because Oleander House kept me up for an entire week, and What Hides Inside, while not as scary, did keep me awake as well. However, I am going to read the other 2 books Twilight and Closer before you close out the series with An Inner Darkness. Can you give us a 30 second promo for An Inner Darkness which is being released on October 28th?

Heh, I’m glad Oleander House scared you. I’m a BIG horror fan, so writing the scary stuff is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m too chicken to go for full-out horror, though. I’m afraid I’d screw it up! LOL. By the way, I think Oleander House is definitely the scariest of the BCPI books, so you should be safe reading the other ones 😀

Okay, thirty second promo for An Inner Darkness. Lazy Ally will give you the blurb, which isn’t up on the Samhain website yet so you’ll be the first to see it:

After more than a year as a couple—and plenty of bumps along the road—Sam Raintree and Dr. Bo Broussard are finally settling into life together. Bo has come to terms with his sexuality, their business is thriving, and Sam has begun to accept his role as a step-parent of sorts to Bo’s sons, Sean and Adrian. The only real dark spot is Bo’s ex-wife, Janine.

When eleven-year-old Adrian begins exhibiting signs of psychokinesis—the same ability which allows Sam to manipulate inter-dimensional portals—the friction between Sam, Bo and Janine escalates. Sam and Bo have reason to believe Adrian’s raw, uncontrolled talent poses a danger to him and those around him. Janine, however, believes Sam and Bo are encouraging dangerous delusions on Adrian’s part. Common ground is nonexistent, anger and hard words ever-present.

Caught in the middle of the conflict and burdened with an ability he can’t yet control, Adrian is soon pushed beyond his limits. With Adrian’s mind—and the lives of everyone around him—hanging in the balance, Sam and Bo race against time to save both boys and keep an otherworldly horror from breaking free.

The books have become more about Sam and Bo’s developing relationship as the story’s progressed through the series. In An Inner Darkness, they’re at the point where they have worked out their biggest problems between the two of them, and are now dealing more with the problems outside of themselves which affect their relationship. Like Bo’s ex not believing in paranormal phenomena, and thus trying to keep the kids away from Bo and Sam. Family drama, oh my! LOL. Though there are monsters, and there is hot manlove 😀

I read recently that Dean Delapore who I loved in What Hides Inside, is finally getting his own story Where the Heart Is which is scheduled for release in January of next year. Is it true that Dean really turns you on? Was his character based on someone you know? (You don’t have to reveal names or places)

Oh, Dean definitely does it for me, yes. I have a thing for smart guys with a sharp sense of humor, and Dean has those things in spades. Plus he’s hot.

Most of my characters have at least a little bit of someone I know in them, and Dean’s no exception. I do that even when I don’t realize it; I’ll think I’m creating someone totally unique, then I’ll realize one day that OMG he has the same weird habit as this person I know. Can’t help it. LOL. I didn’t have any one person in mind when I wrote Dean, though. He’s one of those guys who just popped up in my head and introduced himself, no work required on my part. I loooove those sorts.

Your newest release The Happy Onion, which is reviewed immediately following this interview, is yet another departure for you. What made you want to write a romantic comedy? Can you give the fans the 411 on The Happy Onion? You even have a playlist for the book (really hot). Can you tell us the background of this story?

LOL I didn’t actually set out to write a romantic comedy on purpose. Though it was kind of a fun change after the angst-fests of Untamed Heart and Closer. The Happy Onion is one of those books that just sort of happened.

Here’s the birth story of the HO plot bunny. I was driving to the EDJ one day, and way up ahead of me on the road was a delivery truck for a local grocery store chain. On the back of this truck was a round food-type object with big, wide eyes and a happy smile. I thought it was an onion. It was a very happy onion. I thought The Happy Onion sounded like the name of a vegan restaurant. So then I thought, hmm, what if I had a hero who owned this restaurant? He’d be an easy-going hippie type probably, vegan himself, committed to environmental issues and active in the community. Thus Phil Sorrells was born, and of course he had to fall for a guy with whom he could argue and have hot make-up sex, which led to Thom Stone, a.k.a. Bubbles.

I eventually caught up with the delivery truck and got a better look at it. The thing I thought was an onion turned out to be an orange, but by then the story was already taking shape in my brain so it didn’t matter When a story springs from something that funny and silly, you KNOW it has to be a bit of a lighthearted romp, and The HO definitely is. It has its angsty moments, sure, but it’s a comedy at heart.

I do have a playlist, yes 🙂 Actually I have playlists for all of my books. Music helps keep me in the writing mood. I published the playlist for The HO via iTunes, as an iMix. It’s on my website, on The Happy Onion page:

There is also an excerpt of mansex there

For all of those aspiring writers who are still writing fan fiction, could you tell us how you made the leap from fanfic to being a published author?

First, you have to want to write original characters. I found out that inventing all new people and/or worlds is, to swipe a phrase from a rather colorful co-worker of mine, a whole other six pack of possums. It isn’t necessarily harder, but it IS different. Very, very different. It comes with a completely different set of challenges, and I really do think the first thing you have to have to go from fanfic writer to published author is the desire to make up your own people.

After that, you need two things above all: persistence, and the ability to take criticism. Because trust me, your first draft of your first novel is going to have big, big problems you have to overcome, and in order to polish that book you are going to have to be willing to write multiple drafts. You are also going to have to listen with an open mind and a thick skin to constructive criticism. If you do it’ll make getting accepted by a REPUTABLE publishing house much, much easier.

Best of luck to anyone who decides to go for it. As is pointed out above, I started in fanfic myself, and I really do believe it’s good practice for original character stories. Not to mention honing your love for writing in general 🙂

You have been published for four years. What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment professionally?

This is probably going to sound weird, but to me my greatest accomplishment is having my print books in one of the largest gay bookstores in San Francisco, A Different Light. When I found out my ACTUAL books are ACTUALLY on their shelves, I had a major squee attack. I had similar squee attacks the first time I saw one of my books at the local Waldenbooks, and when a friend told me how fast they sell out at HER local Waldenbooks, but being in A Different Light felt like such a huge thing for me. I still can’t quite get my head around it.

What has been your most successful book to date in terms of sales? Critical acclaim? Which do you prefer?

Oh, man. Well, most of them have done well in both, but I’d say the frontrunner for both is still Willow Bend. It’s a four-hankie weeper, with the happiest of Happy Ever After endings, but I think probably the main reason people have responded the way they have to it is the very human emotions at the core. It was written several years after my mother died of brain cancer, and it served as a sort of therapy for me. Cory is me, in lots of ways. Minus the dangly bits, of course

As far as which I prefer, I love the sales (more money = closer to quitting the EDJ), but it gives me the warm fuzzies when people really, truly love my books. Giving people a story they can get lost in for a while makes me happier than anything 🙂

How has your writing evolved since you were first published? How has the industry changed?

I think my writing has matured. I think I’ve toned down the angst a little bit.

**waits for hysterical laughter to die down**

Okay, so I know I still revel in Teh Angst. And sure, my boys do tend to suffer for their HEA. But I seriously think the angstiness is more of a ridable wave than a tsunami these days.

The industry, oh my gosh. First off, gay romance has just exploded in the last couple of years. Which is, IMHO, fantabulous. Not just because it means I’m now writing in a more lucrative genre without changing my writing at all, but because there are more Books O’ Manlove around for me to try. Not that I’ve tried them yet, really, being ridiculously busy with the EDJ and writing and all, but yeah. They’re out there for me to read when I get time 😀

Romance in general is still booming, of course, and ebooks are becoming more popular, which I think is a very positive change since I love reading ebooks and the e-industry is where I made my name, such as it is. We will not discuss the apparent epidemic of Evil Villain publishers lately…

I have read at least 50% of your books including Eros Rising, Love’s Evolution, Willow Bend, Hearts from the Ashes, Fireflies, Catching A Buzz and the aforementioned Oleander House and What Lies Inside, all of which I really, really loved although a few of them made me sad especially Willow Bend. Do you have a favourite Ally Blue book?

Man, that’s a tough one. I love all of my books. I didn’t love them all in their respective two-weeks-to-deadline-with-20K-to-go panic stages, but after all is said and done I do love each one. That said, I think overall Untamed Heart is my favorite. There is much angst and suffering and a HEA like most of my books, but Leon and Grim were both very different from my usual heroes. They’re both very damaged people, in ways I’d never really explored before. It was fascinating to me to get into their heads, and I grew to feel quite close to them both.

Thanks for reading so many of my books; you totally just made me smile 🙂

A lot of the heroes in your books are sensitive beta type guys. Do you set out to write stories about males that are not your typical alpha protagonists?

It’s not something I deliberately set out to do, no. BUT, I’ve never been a fan of the typical alpha hero. Real Life alphas always make me want to smack them, and fictional ones pretty much cause the same reaction. There are a very few – like Nate in My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley – who I like a lot, and am able to care for. Most of the time though, I just can’t relate to alphas; I don’t like them, and therefore I can’t write them as my sympathetic hero types.

You know, I often think that one reason so many of my guys end up as sensitive betas is because my favorite men in my life –- my husband and my best guy friends –- are all like that. I think they serve as role models for the basic character of my heroes.

You have something that every author wants….. longevity! What advice do you have for aspiring and new writers?

Be good enough that people want to keep hearing what you have to say!

That sounds kind of odd, but I guess it’s the truth 🙂 People’s tastes cannot be accurately predicted, no matter how hard you try. You never know for certain if Book A is going to bomb or become the next Harry Potter-type success story. All you can really do is write the best book you can, every time. All writers make mistakes, all the time. When you first start out, you are going to make LOTS of mistakes. Seek out advice from those more experienced than you, then listen to what they have to say. Hone your craft. This cannot be repeated enough. There is no such thing as a writer so good that they can’t improve. You can always be better. Keep learning, keep working on improving your prose.

Another thing to think about is what you write. Some authors deliberately write to follow the hot trends. This is not necessarily bad. If you find you’re able to write in a genre that doesn’t particularly excite you, and produce a good, solid read, then go for it. Me? I can’t do that. Which is why I don’t write, say, historicals. It’s not a genre I can write in with any enthusiasm, and therefore my attempts fall flat. I think for the majority of us, our own work has to excite us, we have to fall in love with it, for it to work. I think that’s the key to success, if there is such a thing as a key: love your work.

I ask M/M writers this question and I’d like to get your take on it. What do you really think about when you’re writing those incredibly hot sex scenes between two guys? (Please don’t tell me laundry or making grocery lists LOL)

OMG, you’re going to hate me for this. LOL. But I mostly think things like, “Did I just use ‘cock’ twice in as many sentences? Hm, must fix that…” Seriously! There are only so many things you can call the male Luv Organ that don’t sound like a joke. Same thing goes for fingers and hands. Not too many other words for them. So yeah, I’m usually concentrating on not repeating words too much. I guess it works, because my editor always says I’m an easy edit. My ultimate fantasy is to produce a manuscript requiring NO edits. Impossible, I know, but a girl’s gotta have a goal

I’ll tell you a secret. Sometimes when I’m writing sex scenes, I get myself so hot I have to go check out some gay porn O_O

Yes, I’m a dork. I realize this. LOL.

Since you’re female, how do you know that the intimate scenarios you write for guys (I’m trying to be delicate here) seem real to both men and women reading your books? Do readers critique your sex scenes and tell you that part A doesn’t really go into part B or that swinging from the chandelier while having sex can’t be done? (Haven’t tried that one yet)

OMG I’ve never tried swinging from anything. I’d probably hurt myself. LOL.

One reader who’d read Hearts From the Ashes said J.L., Willa and I clearly knew nothing about male anatomy. I think my husband would beg to differ 😛 That’s the only time anyone’s said anything like that, though. Actually, the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of sex aren’t all that different between a m/m scene and a m/f one. Not to sound crude, but I know what to do with a dick, and I have every orifice a guy does, plus one. I think what makes a gay sex scene real is the same thing that makes any other sex scene real: the emotions. You have to get the emotions in there, even if the only emotion is anger or hate or triumph or something equally unromantic. Even if the emotion is a lack of emotion. And, I think a sex scene has to be in touch with all the senses. Readers want to feel the racing heart, taste the sweat, smell the sex in the air. At least I do, and I think most other people do as well. I think emotions and senses are a strong point of mine, and I think that’s why my sex scenes ring true for most readers 🙂

I think that Catching a Buzz which I read a year ago has the kinkiest, most erotic sex by any author, ever. I still blush when I remember some of the scenes between Buzz and Adam but I re-read the book from time to give myself a lift when I’m down, if you know what I mean. Woman, you have an imagination without equal when it comes to sex of the carnal kind. How did you ever come up with the idea of the iBuzz? What kind of research went into this book? (This I’ve got to hear)

Two words: Gay Porn. I have X-Tube bookmarked under “research” O_O

Yeah, Adam and Buzz got up to some pretty wild stuff, huh? Though I still consider them tame compared to some of the other stuff out there. After all, there were only two of them, and there were no whips or restraints or anything. LOL.

About the iBuzz. Actually I didn’t think that up myself. It’s a real sex toy, basically a vibrating bullet that plugs into an iPod. It’s not manufactured by Apple, though I bet they wish they’d thought of it

Ally, could we talk about this thing you have for smelly, sweaty men’s bits? Could you please explain why this turns you on so much? Are there any other weird sexual habits or practices that we should know about?

Are you saying there are people out there who don’t love sweaty man-bits???


I don’t know. I just like sweaty male parts. Maybe because if you’re doing the sex thing right, you’re gonna sweat, so maybe my brain associates sweat with sex. Maybe that’s something for my future therapist to ponder O_O

Let me be perfectly clear about one thing, though. I like sex-sweat and working-out sweat, and even spending-all-day-working-outside sweat. I do NOT like haven’t-showered-for-three-days caked-on grunge. Ick.

I’m sure there are sex things about me y’all would loooooove to know, but I ain’t tellin’. Ha! I mean I’m kind of a fan of rimming, but anyone who’s ever read one of my stories already knows that 😀

Is there a question about yourself that you have never been asked but are dying to answer?

Yes! I would like someone to ask, “How can I make your dream of being a full-time author come true?” I would say, “Give me ten million dollars, pretty please, so I can quit the EDJ!”

Heh 😛

Seriously, I can’t think of anything. If I do you’ll be the first to know 🙂

I have checked all of your books and I don’t think you have ever written any traditional contemporary romances. Why is that?

Traditional as in male/female? No, I’ve never written any of that. Well, except for the short story I linked earlier To be honest, I simply have no interest in it. As a writer, that is. It’s not my favorite as a reader either, but I can and do read some m/f contemporary romances. I just can’t write them. I figure gay romance is what I love, it’s what I do well, so I stick with what works for me. Maybe one day I’ll try my hand at m/f, who knows…

Ally Blue, Out and About

I understand that you are a HUGE Radiohead fan especially of Thom Yorke their lead singer and that you went to their concert in Charlotte a couple of months ago. How was it? Do they know that you write fanfic about them and is Thom concerned for his safety? Would the correct term for you be “groupie” or stalker?

I prefer the term “chronicler of their imaginary lives”. Heh 😛

Yes, I am a ginormous Radiohead fan, to the point of dork-dom. A friend’s daughter once gave me a Happy Thom’s Birthday card LOL. Their music reaches me on a soul level, which IMHO is what music should always do, and which is why I am forever their devoted fan. I’ve seen them only three times, the Charlotte show being the latest one. It was, as it invariably is with them, an amazing show. They’ve always been fantastic performers, and these days they have so much fun on stage. I love going to see them play because there’s such a connection with everyone around you at a Radiohead show. You don’t get that with all live shows, but with Radiohead you do, always. It’s kind of an addictive feeling.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Do they know there is Radiohead fanfic? Probably. It all started on what quickly became the largest thread to date on the largest fan-run Radiohead website on the net. They are tech-savvy guys. They’ve had their own message board for ages, they have a blog, they released In Rainbows first over the net. They’re in touch with the internet community. I’d find it hard to believe they didn’t know about the slash fic. I also think they don’t mind, since they’ve never sent out any Cease And Desist notices. We of the Radiohead fanfic community like to think they read it for inspiration O_O

[/crazy fantasy]

Okay, I have to tell this story. When they played at the Coachella festival in 2004, there was a moment when Jonny (who is most often paired with Thom in the fanfic) said something into Thom’s ear on stage. Thom looked at him and said, into the mic so the whole festival could hear, “You dirty boy!”. After my fellow fanfic writers and I determined that he really did say that, we came to the conclusion that it was a nod to their slashfic-writing fans. Much Thom/Jonny luv ensued 😀

You are also a fan of Beck – now that’s a band I can relate to. I read that music is a great part of your life. How much time do you spend at rock concerts? (I know you would like to spend most of your time following your bands) Do you ever try to get on the stage with the bands during a concert and if so, are you on the”banned” list now?

BECK!!! OMG I heart His Beckness like crazy. He is so genuinely off-center :

I don’t spend nearly as much time at shows as I’d like. Toooooo busy. Sigh. I love live music, though. To me, the real proof of whether or not a band is any good is in whether or not they can play live. If they can’t put on a good live show, I might still buy their CD or iTunes downloads but they won’t ever be favorites of mine. Some great live shows (behind Radiohead, who of course are THE BEST): Beck, The Arcade Fire, Corn Mo, They Might Be Giants (can you say, “audience participation?”), Patrick Wolf (haven’t seen him in person, but saw his Glastonbury 07 performance online and he kicked major butt), Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The White Stripes, Thievery Corporation. Also lots of local bands I’ve seen in various places.

I’ve never tried to get on stage, no. I’ve never done anything out of line, really. Never been banned. I’m so boring!

Patrick Wolf

Do you play? (I mean musical instruments)

Sadly, no. I had piano lessons when I was a kid but they didn’t take <_<

Er, I can fake playing tamborine…

I’m surprised that you have any spare time with your EDJ “evil day job”, your family and your writing. What makes Ally run?

Caffeine O_O

I do wish that was a joke Some days, I really really REALLY wish I had a time turner like in Harry Potter. Too many things to do, not enough hours in the day. And I am THE most unorganized person ever spawned. Which is why I so NEED to be free of the EDJ! Sob.

Seriously, though. What keeps me writing is the fact that I love it. It keeps me sane, in spite of the deadline pressure and all. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, and I don’t want to. What keeps me at the EDJ? Money. Insurance. All that stuff you can’t really live without.

So. It a nutshell, it’s necessity on both sides. Writing for my sanity, EDJ to support myself and my family. Gotta have both!

Will Ally ever dump her EDJ and write full time?

It is my dearest dream, and I still hold out hope for One Day 🙂 But in the meantime, there are groceries to buy and children to clothe and the girl-child is starting college next month, so there won’t be any leaving the EDJ just yet. Darn it.

So, what’s a wife of 20 years and mother doing writing books about hot men having sex with each other? Do you develop your plots when planning menus for the family in between the aperitif and the dessert?

LOL! Actually my wonderful husband does most of the cooking, and we share housework, so my plots are usually born in other places. I’ve hatched a surprising number of plot bunnies on the road. Like The Happy Onion, which came from that truck I saw on my way to work. Willow Bend started taking shape in my head while the family and I were driving back home from the beach. I never know when a book idea is going to hit me. It tends to happen at random and unexpected times. Which is kind of cool 🙂

As to why I do it, it’s a mystery to me. I have this theory that I write gay sex –and-love stories because my own love life is so fulfilling. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL.

Oswald died recently and you replaced him immediately with Admiral Crunchbyte. Was there a funeral or some kind of remembrance for Oswald?

There was nothing formal, though the children offered their condolences, and I held my own private moment of silence. Oswald was special to me, being my first laptop and the computer on which I wrote my very first published stories. Admiral Crunchbyte, however, is turning out to be just as special in his own way.

BTW, my kids named both of my laptops. My daughter came up with Oswald, which if you could’ve known him you’d realize was the perfect name for him. The boy-child came up with Admiral Crunchbyte. Yeah, I don’t know either. He’s a strange child, but we love him

Thank you very much Ally.We really loved having you here and you have an open invitation to come by at any time. It’s been a real pleasure interviewing you – you’re a lady and a scholar – my highest praise 🙂

Ally’s newest release The Happy Onion, published by Samhain and released on July 29, 2008 is reviewed immediately following this interview as is fan favourite Untamed Heart. One of my personal faves Catching A Buzz is also reviewed on the blog.

Now back to the business at hand – how can your fans and readers get in touch with you?

Email me,! I love to hear from readers 🙂

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Love’s Evolution

Eros Rising (also in the three-author print anthology Hearts From the Ashes)

The Bay City Paranormal Investigations series: Oleander House, What Hides Inside, Twilight, and Closer

Catching A Buzz (also part of the multi-author anthology Temperature’s Rising)


Untamed Heart


Easy in print from MLR Press

That Voodoo, part of the three author anthology Foreign Boys from Aspen Mountain Press

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