Take Me Out

TakeMeOutTitle: Take Me Out
Author: Gabrina Garza
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella (21K words)
Rating:  4.5 stars out of 5

Ty is the shortstop for an independent pro baseball team, the Arsenals and has managed to keep his personal life separate from an unforgiving industry, but the arrival of a new third baseman threatens to challenge the delicate balance he’s held for so long.

Jae Wise is the replacement for Ty’s roommate who is on temporary leave due to an injury and when they become house mates during a stretch of home games their initial attraction flares up again and they can’t resist each other. Their first time together was full of emotion, wanting and need. Ty was so hungry for Jae that I could experience the raw feelings he couldn’t hold at bay; he had had one short relationship with another man while in college several years ago and since then there had been no love interest, which made for a very lonely life. Being with Jae was a dream come true for Ty and when they came together it was explosive and life-changing for him.

Jae wants Ty permanently in his life but he knows the difficulties they would face if their relationship were revealed. Having a male lover in an industry that is notoriously intolerant about gay professional athletes from the perspective of the team as well as the fans was a major obstacle they would have to navigate. To complicate matters even further, Ty’s spunky “girlfriend” who shares his house and has been his “beard” with the team, is in love with him and has been since they were in high school and even though she knows he is gay she has a hard time dealing with his new relationship.

Take Me Out deals with the issues of these two gay ball players quite sensitively and realistically. Jae and Ty were well drawn and Gabrina Garza did not minimize the possible implications if they decided to come out. I fell in love with both characters especially Ty who had been without something that most people take for granted – the love of someone special. The book has a lot of funny moments as well as pathos but there was a nice balance between the two. If you’re looking for a book to lift your spirits for a couple of hours then I would recommend that you read Take Me Out – you won’t be sorry you did.


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