mission possessionTitle: Mission: POSSESSION
Author: Mary Winter
Publisher: http://www.changelingpress.com
Genre: Paranormal, Action/Adventure M/M
Length: Novella
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Hugh and his friends Adrian and Dean own The Fantastic Five, a successful comic shop. Adrian is concerned about the slumping profits at the store so Hugh puts his marketing talents to work by repairing one of the broken action figures that he thinks might be suitable for a new promotion and places the figure in the center of his ad campaign. But when he finishes taking the photos, the action figure, magically returned to life, comes out from behind the camera and into his life.

Talon used to model before he was a soldier in Desert Storm, then he died in an accident and became an enchanted action figure at the bottom of a box of damaged toys. One day the Toymaker upstairs promises him a new mission and 18 years after Desert Storm he awakens as a man. When Hugh sees Talon walking into the store he’s immediately attracted to him and knows that he is someone he would like to keep for a long time. Talon is a commanding figure and a take-charge guy and he is determined to show Hugh that a picture is worth a thousand kisses.

Talon demonstrates that 18 years without any action under the sheets did not affect his sexual skills but out of the bedroom he wonders if Hugh just wants him for his talent as a model and does not care for him as a man. He confronts him and although Hugh tries to reassure him he does not believe him. They had not quite made up when he goes to the corner convenience store and interrupts a robbery where he’s wounded and might lose not only his looks but Hugh.

Mission: POSSESSION is the third book in the Live Action Heroes series. While the story follows the adventures of the same group of soldiers who became action figures, Hugh and Talon are sufficiently distinctive personalities with different back stories that I did not feel this book was a regurgitation of the previous ones in the series. Mary Winters as usual excels in her characterizations and I had no difficulty relating to these two men who struggle to understand that compromise works both ways. As is the norm with any fantasy, the reader has to suspend belief and use his or her considerable imagination when reading this story. I really like this series and am looking forward to book 4.


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