One For The Team

Title: One For The Team
Author: Jet Mykles
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Genre: Non-Traditional Sexuality
Length: Novella
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Jen has been dumped by her boyfriend Alex and she doesn’t know why. Alex was her first sexual experience and she thought that she was everything he wanted in a woman until he left sans warning and without giving her a reason. Now she feels that no other man will want her and that there’s something wrong with her.

Her best friends Ken, Bart, Davey and Jason try to convince her that she is a great person but she’s not buying it so they take matters into their own hands, in a manner of speaking, to prove to her that she’s a very desirable woman.

This book is told in the first person POV by Jen who has quite a distinctive voice. Her uncertainty about her ability as a woman to attract and hold a man as well as her fears and angst after being dumped by a man she still has feelings for, but who everyone else knows is a jerk, are laid bare in the book. She doesn’t wallow but she has a difficult time dealing with the situation because she’s afraid no other man will want her due to some fatal flaw in her personality and her best friends try to help her in their own unique way. Once they get going there’s no holding them or her back as each of her friends administers his own brand of emotional and sexual therapy. This is the first time they don’t treat Jen as one of the guys as they take turns making her feel like a woman. The sex in the book was some of the hottest I have read recently and each of the guys has his own type of hot lovin’ to help her over this temporary hump. Then Jen finds out something very important that makes her realize that she doesn’t need to look very far to find someone to love who loves her in return.

One For The Team is a really funny book despite Jen feeling sorry for herself as the dumpee early on in the story. Bart, Davey, Jason and Ken are such wonderful characters that I think Jet Mykles has plans for some of them to star in their own books at a future date. The dialogue and almost non- stop sex were really entertaining and each of the guys had quite a distinct personality, but underlying everything was the fact that they really cared about Jen and wanted her to be happy. Jet Mykles has hit another one out the park in One For The Team and any woman who has been kicked to the curb would get a charge out of this book in more ways than one.


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