And The Two Shall Become One

Title: And The Two Shall Become One
Authors: Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal M/M, fantasy
Length: Novel
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5

When we last left Prince Mael Black and his angel Cian Carmichael at the end of The Prince’s Angel they had defeated the plans of Memnet, a dangerous elder vampire and his Daughter Selena who had tried to kill Mael was dead. It appeared that the world was now a safe place for humans and vampires to live in peace but in the intervening time between the two books a lot has happened and there is now an even bigger threat. Memnet has summoned a powerful demon, Zalael, to kill Cian and Mael as well as Diocourides, head of the Romanorum and creator of all vampires. When Archangel Michael appears in Mael’s Court to inform him and Cian of this threat he has a new chosen consort with him, someone whom they know well – Selena, returned from the dead and reborn as an angel. Mael and Cian must accept Selena’s help if they want to defeat Memnet and Zalael as she is the only one who knows what to expect from her Father.

With the looming threat in the background Mael wastes no time in proclaiming Cian as his Companion. This does not sit well with his court and some members of the Romanorum who are uneasy about a vampire hunter being the Companion of the Prince of London. Mael’s Son Christian is despatched to deliver a message to him to rescind the proclamation even though it has been accepted by Diocourides and the Romanorum. In the meantime Memnet and Zalael have managed to infiltrate the security in Mael’s Court.

This sequel does not just wrap up the original story, it gives a whole new meaning to the words “let the games begin” as villains who are just as powerful demonstrate their awesome power, and the ensuing conflicts remind me of war games. Fans of the first book who have waited so long for the sequel will not be disappointed: they will be amazed at the ingenious plot and the sustained level of suspense throughout the story.

This book is about vampires so there is considerable blood play and the final battle between our heroes and their foes totally devastates Mael as he tries to rebound from the most crushing blow of all; but the love between Cian and Mael transcends everything.

The characterizations are superb as usual, the pace and action are incredible and the secondary characters really come alive in this book even more than in The Prince’s Angel. The young ghoul Brandon and Cornelius, Mael’s Magician, anger Mael when he discovers their love for each other and their punishment may have dire consequences, which adds to the complicated story line.

And The Two Shall Become One creates a world filled with vampires, demons and angels which is surprisingly emotional at times. The lovemaking is passionate, delicious, romantic and erotic and is as hot as anything we have read before by this writing team as they leave no emotion unturned. The story is complex, rich in detail, powerful and suspenseful but also extremely violent as is expected of the genre and there are many layers and surprises. This writing team is very talented and imaginative and the story flows effortlessly and seamlessly – it is an incredible adrenalin rush.

Fans of the first book won’t want to miss its exciting conclusion.

The outstanding writing in this book has one downside – how can Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael top this?

This book contains scenes of extreme violence and may not be suitable for everyone.


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