Sage tornTitle: TORN
Author: Sage Whistler
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella
Rating: 4.25 stars (out of 5)

Joshua and Jaime Trinovantes are twenty-one year twins who, together with their older brother Emilio, own and operate their ranch the Rockin’ R. Recently Emilio had moved in with his fiancée and the twins were operating the ranch by themselves. Lately, unknown to each other, Jaime and Joshua had each been trying to battle unfamiliar urgings for his twin and they were struggling with the knowledge that they wanted more than a brotherly relationship. To compound everything women seemed to have an affinity for the twins and were putting out unmistakable signals and Jaime and Joshua were having a difficult time dealing with feelings of jealousy.

One evening Joshua came home after a date visibly upset and started crying, not realizing that Jaime who was lying on the couch was awake, and he confessed his feelings for his twin. Jaime was unbelievably moved and as he comforted his brother he knew that there was no turning back. The sex that followed was incredibly erotic as both men sought to imprint their love on each other. Because they knew each other so well words were not necessary and they each gave what the other one wanted.

The next morning when Jaime woke up he was shattered by guilt and went to the local bar to get well and truly drunk which is where Josh found him eventually. After taking Jaime home they found a rude surprise – Emilio’s friend Victor Alan Reid was waiting for them – he had been invited by Emilio to stay at the ranch until his wedding and this was very bad news. Reid always suspected that Jaime was gay and had insinuated as much on the few occasions they had met when he picked on Jaime; now he was going to be staying at the ranch at the worst time possible.

I liked Torn for a number of reasons the main one being the twins who were so close emotionally and now physically, trying to be true to their unusual love for each other without being ostracized by their brother Emilio whom they also loved and respected. The characterizations were very good – Jaime, the younger by 4 minutes was different in personality from Joshua and they went to great lengths to protect each other. Sage Whistler also did a good job on the supporting characters in the book as well – Emilio, his fiancée Karla and even Reid, the twins’ nemesis.

Torn is definitely not for everyone because of the subject matter which is twincest, but if you’re not offended, this is a terrific read and I would definitely recommend it.

this book is about twincest and may be offensive to some readers


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