Finding the Female G Spot

Much has been written about the female G spot which supposedly triggers multiple orgasms in women. But … do women really know where it is? I searched in vain for mine last evening after reading this post from Batboy It’s A Jungle In There: A Tribute To Straight Men which had me giggling uncontrollably. I was either looking in the wrong place or I don’t have one of those G Spot thingys.

I promised Batboy after reading his post that I would write something about the G Spot since most straight men (and lots of women) don’t know where it is or if it even exists. It seems to me that I would be doing a service to all “mankind” if I could clarify this one area for them (and also make their work??? a little easier). Of course I should point out that I don’t think Batboy is at all interested in its location but he seemed to become agitated when I said something about the G spot.

“And that’s another thing! The G Spot! …. some women don’t think there is such a thing, or are unable to find theirs. Come on! Imagine if men had an extra place on their bodies that could bring on violent orgasms. Can you imagine half the male population not sure where theirs was, or whether they even had one? Not after age 12.

So I decided to do some research on this VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC. I started, where else, but in a place that has the most authentic and verified information 🙂 – the Internet. Here’s one piece of information that I managed to glean from a post here

The g-spot is named in honor of German physician Ernst Grafenberg, but was discovered as a source of sexual pleasure by world-renowned sex educator Beverly Whipple, Ph.D. (Dr. Whipple???)
Described as “an area approximately the size of a dime, located about two-thirds the length of your middle finger inside the vagina entrance … on the tummy side of the vaginal wall” by bestselling author Lou Paget (, many women have difficulty finding their g-spot, because its size, dimension, and location vary from woman to woman.
Dr. Whipple suggests …. ! You can read the rest of the post yourself if you’re so inclined.


Comments on the site ranged from men offering to help as many women as possible find their Spot 🙂 to women who found theirs, to others selling professional G Spot locators to help women find their ultimate orgasm, to unbelievably, some who wanted to help men find their prostate gland (I didn’t know men had any difficulty in that regard)

Here’s another article from the Los Angeles Times which seems to debunk the existence of the G Spot and for now the jury is out about its existence.

So to anyone on my Live Journal Flist or regulars on my blog please comment if you have anything to add that you think might help women find this elusive G Spot. This would be a great service to women (and straight men) everywhere

Obviously this is not a serious post so please no bad language when you comment and no throwing of darts or other sharp objects because I bruise easily

I’m still checking for that elusive G Spot thingy. I’m also trying to to find pictures LOL


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