Sub For Hire

Title: Sub For Hire
Author: Claire Thompson
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary M/M, BDSM
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Length: Novel
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Josh was almost broke while waiting for the first cheque to arrive from his publisher for his recently published book when he saw an ad in a magazine for a sub for hire at Dungeon Dreams, known for its stable of hot male submissives. He answers the ad and changed the course of his life when one of his first clients is Michael, a great looking, compelling Dom; this is also Michael’s first time as a paying client anywhere and he is unsure what to expect since the whole concept of purchasing the services of a sub is foreign to him.

When “slave j” (Josh) and Michael act out a scene in the Dungeon Josh’s response is so intense that he knows this man could be the most important person in his life. On the other hand, while Michael feels a strong connection with “slave j” he is determined that he will not pursue him because they can never have a relationship. After their first scene Josh has a difficult time compartmentalizing his feelings as pictures of Michael keep playing in his head at the most inopportune times and he realizes that he is falling for his client who only regards him as a sub for hire.

As they both struggle with unfamiliar feelings Josh is more and more drawn to Michael and when he shows up for a second visit in Dungeon Dreams and requests the services of “slave j” this leads to a new chapter in their lives as Josh is unable to continue their session because he does not want to be little more than a prostitute to a man for whom he is beginning to have strong feelings. Michael suggests that they leave together to get to know each other better and this ultimately leads to them climbing a bridge neither one thought could be surmounted. The sex between them was very emotional as their feelings could no longer be denied.

But someone else wants Josh as his personal sub – his boss Sam, and he is prepared to go to extreme lengths to get and keep him. When Sam crosses the line Josh is devastated and does not know where to turn as the one person he wants to be able to confide in, Michael, would not understand. How could he explain the attraction he has felt for Sam since he first met him and the guilt that he is now experiencing at what took place?

Sub For Hire worked for me on a number of levels. Claire Thompson writes about the romance of erotic submission and the dark side of BDSM; she has written over 30 novels and I think that she is one of the best writers of the genre. She obviously knows the subject matter well and the story reflects her expertise as it is realistic and genuine and the action between the characters is credible and intense. In addition, the protags are authentic as are the D/s scenes. In this novel the author builds the emotional level from the initial meeting between Michael and Josh and ratchets up the tension until they desperately need and want something more than floggers, restraints and the various paraphernalia of their particular brand of pleasure. The sex is very hot as Claire Thompson really knows how to set the stage and she does not disappoint in this book.

Sub For Hire is well written, the characters work and are terrific together and the story is credible. I have no hesitation recommending this book to fans of the genre and the author. If you have never read a D/s book before, this author will take you on a journey into this very different world where you fly without a net.


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