Oh George

Title: Oh George
Author: Christiane France
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary M/M, Romantic Comedy
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (16K words)
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Zack Hannington prefers to keep his personal life private and he made it clear to his employees that he does not date the staff, but when new employee George Parker starts working in the secretarial pool Zack can hardly keep his eyes off the hot looking man and has x-rated daydreams about him constantly. Zack projects an image of the swinging bachelor to protect his preference for men and he is sure that George is also gay, so when he has to work with him on a new contract this is not good news because the proximity would definitely “out” him. Sure enough, when George shows up for work Zack has difficulty keeping his mind on the job and out of the gutter. But he has a nagging feeling that he’s seen George before – if only he could remember where and when.

George is very ambitious and wants to get out of the secretarial pool as soon as possible so that he could pursue his dream of becoming a commercial designer for which he is well qualified. Working for Zack as his PA, even if only for a couple of days while his regular assistant is in the hospital might be an opportunity to ask about a possible opening in the company, as well as allow him to pursue what he is sure is a mutual attraction between them. Things soon come to a head as neither man can resist the other and Zack doesn’t know if he is in love or in lust. Just as everything seems to be going well he shoots himself in the foot and it appears that he has lost George.

As I was reading Oh George, at times I felt that if the names of the protags and the sex scenes were changed, this book could be considered a contemporary het romance because the two main characters certainly didn’t act masculine most of the time. I’m not advocating that every protagonist in a gay romance should be an alpha male because that isn’t real life – I have read many books with beta heroes and love them – but I just want these guys to be men and act like they have the usual appendages. Zack owns one of the largest commercial design companies in the country yet he comes across as not focused, weak and indecisive and he is obsessed with remembering where he met George, and although he is supposedly hot for him there does not seem to be any spark or chemistry between them. Also, I found the plot to be very thin and I thought that the ending strained credibility. In my opinion, the dialogue between George and Zack particularly near the end of the story is not indicative of what men would say to each other, however it’s quite possible that fans of Ms France and other readers may not share my views.


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