What do we really know about the male prostate?

I was thinking last evening as I was reading a gay erotic romance (note my terminology) how fascinating the male prostate is in the context of these books. I can’t count the number of times the prostate is mentioned in gay (or M/M) romances in connection with teh buttsecks, probably almost as much as the other delightfully sinful terms for penis. And I wondered … how much do women really know about this unimaginably erotic part of a man’s body? Let’s face it, we women don’t have the equipment and therefore, I assume, don’t know from personal experience the incredible sensations that a man feels when this gland is touched during anal sex, yet it’s described in vivid detail all the time in these books.

So this question is directed to the guys out there in blogland (women can respond as well). Are the erotic sensations and arousal when the prostate is touched (as described in M/M or gay romances written by women) truly what you feel during anal sex? I posed this question to a few of my gay guy friends and all I got were strange looks; I don’t think it’s such a weird question. I would really like to write a gay erotic romance but I want to make sure before I begin this journey that I conduct all the necessary research and I thought this would be a great place to start. So just the facts please – and don’t mislead me just for the fun of it *g* because this is serious business so that I can get my “author” badge. I was going to post pictures but I’m sure it’s not necessary since you all know what a prostate looks like, don’t you? From my initial research all I could find out is that the prostate is slightly larger than a walnut (hey, I eat walnuts) and a lot of medical mumbo jumbo – so not what I was looking for! I did discover that there is a similar gland in women (who knew?) called Skene’s gland and its location would lead me to believe that maybe this is the elusive G Spot or Bermuda Triangle that I was trying to find a couple of weeks ago, but that’s another research project.

So guys, I really need your help here! Do you feel the same sensations described in M/M or gay romances when your prostate gland is touched during you know what? *g*

If you’re shy and prefer to respond by email feel free to do so. My email address is jessewave@gmail.com


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