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Jessewave is pleased to welcome Jet Mykles. Jet is the author of three wonderful series Dark Elves, Leashed and Heaven Sent. Leashed 3: The Lion’s Share is reviewed on this blog here. Jet has a number of terrific standalone books as well such as Snagged, Tech Support, and One for the Team which is reviewed here. Unfortunately, because of the limitations of this short form there were lots of questions I didn’t ask Jet (she’s very happy about thatg) but maybe she’ll pay us a return visit.

Jet, Thank you for being our first Author of the Week and for doing this in such a short turnaround time. Can you give the fans a brief bio of your writing career

Around 2000, I started doing 3D artwork. I published the pictures that I made–mostly erotic–on my own website and on public websites like Renderotica. In 2004, I started posting a series of images and I put some running text with it. I did three pictures, then got asked – What comes Next? Next thing I knew, I had a whole story. You can actually still see the pictures on my website at Then Angela Knight wrote to me and suggested that I should write out the story. It was Dark Elves I: Taken. Loose Id took it and it’s been a cool relationship ever since. I’ve got three series with Loose Id that have done pretty well: Dark Elves, Leashed & Heaven Sent.

Your latest book Dark Elves V Discovery was released by Loose Id on Tuesday, September 16. Can you give the fans the thirty second promo for the book?

Continues the story of the dark elves after the humans have discovered their existence. Kinig, a human bard, risks his life and volunteers himself to live with the elves for a time to learn about them so he can spread the word. He falls in love with Fallil, one of the elves. However, he leaves to fulfill his dream. Nine years later he has but he misses Fallil. However, his knowledge of the elves has gained him the attention of a solitary man, and a woman he controls, both of whom happen to be the last of two other races of elves.

You write a number of romance genres. How would you categorize your writing?

I like to write about people falling in love. The sexes and the number of people in the relationships vary. I don’t like to pigeonhole because I like to pick things from different genres. However, I would say that the magical and the paranormal or at least the unusual do tend to play a big part in most of my stories. Even though the Heaven Sent series is contemporary, I’d say the fact that it’s four amazingly hot guys in a terrific rock band and they all turn out to find happy, homosexual relationships is pretty magical, wouldn’t you?

How many books have you published and which one is your biggest seller?

27 to date, some in both ebook and print and one re-released. 27 unique stories. The biggest seller is still the first Dark Elves ebook.

Your stories are unique. Can you tell us what inspired you to write such a riveting series like the Dark Elves? Have you decided how many books there will be in the series before you close the book on it?

I’ve always been fascinated by elves, ever since being introduced to Tolkien. I think the depiction of these tall, willowy, magical, long-lived beings is wonderful. I started the series kind of by accident through the images, but that look is always the one I gravitate back to although the skin color varies. Heck, even the Heaven Sent boys are a bit elfish if you look at them. So writing about a race of over-sexed elves is a dream come true!

There are 6 books planned for the current arc, then I have nothing more planned for the elves. But the world is huge so I don’t discount the possibility of returning there.

I love the Anne Cain artwork on the cover of your latest e-book. She is such a huge talent. When I interviewed her a couple of months ago on the blog she chose the cover for Dark Elves:Taken as one from her portfolio to showcase. Will Anne be doing the artwork for the remaining books in the series?

Yes! Yes she will and I can’t be more excited. She’ll also be going back and re-doing the ebook covers of the old ones, although that may take some time. I adore Anne. Her vision and the colors she uses coincide perfectly with how I see all the characters she’s visualized for me. The fact that she’s an absolute sweetheart to boot is a plus!

Tell us one fun fact about Jet Mykles that no one knows

I took stage combat classes a few years ago. Learned how to fake fights with swords, quarterstaffs and whips as well as hand-to-hand. I had dreams of continuing my acting career as a fight double or something (I have a BFA in acting) but I don’t have the body for it, nor do I have the will to exercise to get such a body. But the classes were great fun and I learned a heck of a lot about fighting. I use a lot of that knowledge in my stories.

heaven sentJet, it has been rumoured that you’re writing a new book about the Heaven Sent Band. Can you confirm this? If true, would you care to let the fans know which member of the Band is going to get his or her own story and maybe tell us a little bit about it, if you can

I can confirm that this is true. And I’m breaking a rule of yaoi too. It’s going to be Gretchen’s story (Heaven Sent’s manager) and it’ll be m/m/f. So I’m keeping the m/m aspect, but adding girl cooties. I’m sure there are some who will not be happy with me for this. For them, all I can say is I’m sorry and I’ll be writing the story kind of as an off-shoot so it’s one that can be missed without losing the storyline. But I hope most people will agree that Gretchen deserves some happiness too. My next yaoi series, the Indigo Knights, will also be an off-shoot of Heaven Sent. At the very least, Brent and Hell will have featured roles since they’ll be producing the knights.

Thank you for joining us today Jet, we really appreciate it.

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