Soul Mates: Deceptions

Title and link: Soul Mates: Deceptions #2
Author: Jourdan Lane
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal, GLBT (M/M)
Length: Novel 206 pages (90K)
Rating: 5+ out of 5 stars


Angels and demons, vampires and werewolves… And Peter, bound to Lucien, the master vampire, walks amongst them, no longer all human but without a place of his own. Desperate to be turned and baffled by Lucien’s continuing refusal, Peter is starting to feel that he’s losing his vampire lover. Their relationship has become purely physical, with Lucien pushing Peter away at every turn. And after a night watching werewolf Xander hunt, a night that sees Peter attacked, that might not be all he’s losing.

Fearing for his very life, and working hard to keep Lucien’s increasingly uncertain temper from hurting his friends, Peter’s doing all he can to prove that he belongs at Lucien’s side, not just as a master, but as an equal. Then Lucien disappears, and Peter knows he has to call on every ally, every power he has, to get Lucien back before he’s gone forever. Can Peter find a way to beat the forces working against them, or will he lose all that he holds dear?

Soul Mates Series


I had thought after I read Soul Mates: Bound by Blood that there was no way of topping Book 1 in the series because typically sequels have a habit of disappointing, except on rare occasions. This time the author, Jourdan Lane not only gives the readers a book that equals the intensity and complexity of Book 1 but to my delight, she exceeds my expectations.

Soul Mates: Deceptions is a powerful novel about the continuing saga of Peter and Lucien and members of their coven. In this new book Peter and Lucien are drifting apart mainly because Lucien will not turn Peter despite his pleas, and Lucien’s increasingly violent temper. Peter is stuck in a half world where he is neither vampire nor human due to Lucien’s blood being in his system, and the cravings which started in book 1 are much worse, to the point where he is afraid he will fatally injure a human. He is so angry with Lucien for leaving him in limbo that this has resulted in their relationship deteriorating to the point where it is severely tested and he wonders where all the love went. Their fragile bond is almost gone and Lucien, who is going through his own major metamorphosis has become a stranger. Also, a new complication has arisen because Peter is getting sicker every day with frequent blackouts; it appears that someone or something is trying to take over his body and he is in such incredible pain that he doesn’t know how long he can continue. No one can diagnose his condition.

To make the story even more complex Peter has a new unexplainable bond with werewolf members of the coven, Xander and Nikolas, which Lucien does not understand or, even more important, approve. A major crisis develops in the coven with warring factions; there are unexplainable incidents happening to Peter which makes him believe he is losing his mind and in the middle of all this turmoil Lucien is called away to attend to Council business and disappears. Peter is left to manage a coven insurrection and he has to try to gain the respect of the members, most of whom hate him. There is treachery and deceit and everything that a reader would want and when I felt that things could not get any worse – they did.

There is so much going on in this story that it was hard for me to take a breath. Jourdan Lane is a master craftswoman in the art of writing and keeping her readers on the edge of their seats. You don’t get any relief or a lull in the action because it is continuous and unceasing. Have you ever imagined standing on the edge of a precipice and being afraid of falling into the abyss and torn to pieces? That’s how I felt while I was reading this book.

All the characters that I met in Book 1 Soul Mates: Bound by Blood return in Soul Mates: Deceptions with some additions, my favourite being that wonderful incubus Sabaan. Oh my stars!! Sabaan is so sensual and so incredibly amazing and sexy he blew my mind and I hope he gets his own story in the series at some point – a character like this deserves a book, not just a moment in the sun. Xander and Nikolas are back and steam up the pages to an extent you could not imagine. Sex while shifted – WOW. Secrets are revealed. We get a powerful villain who uses his powers to entice. More species are introduced and help to make this story a wonderful paranormal adventure that would delight fans of the fantasy genre.

Peter’s and Lucien’s characters have an added depth as the crisis in their personal relationship and Peter’s unceasing desire and appetite for sex gives another dimension to these wonderful and complex beings. Soul Mates: Deceptions is a book not to be missed and I am now about to crack open Book 3, Soul Mates: Sacrifice with great anticipation. Buy this book whether or not you’re a fan of the genre. Great writing tops genre every time.


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