Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our latest poll.

As a general comment since a large percentage of adult males in North America were circumcised at birth or shortly thereafter, there is not a whole lot that they can do about their own sexual equipment as that choice was taken away from them. However, recent information indicates that this percentage is going down significantly. In Europe it appears that the majority of adult males are intact.

Before I summarize the results and provide excerpts I would like to make an observation. While this poll has nothing to do with religion or hygiene as I stated earlier, it would be remiss of me not to be upfront and state my own bias. Personally, the practice of circumcising males in infancy is something I find reprehensible (unless there is a demonstrated health concern affecting the individual baby). I feel the same way about female circumcision which I was told was being legally performed in the US until the 1970s. Now on to the poll.

The results, based on your comments, were inconclusive although it seemed that intact men were winning by a hair. However, there was one comment made by Batboy 126 that I thought was the most telling and pertinent –

“In real life, the choice of penis depends mainly on who’s attached to it”

Other comments

“All other things being equal (and they never are), intact is preferable. Why? Because there’s more to play with, because he probably enjoys it more, and because I think it’s more pleasing visually and has a nice texture.”

“As someone said, it really depends on the guy to whom it is attached. Cut or uncut, small or big has never particularly been any kind of preference to me. As long as it works. From past experiences background…I am always fascinated by uncut penii. Again, it is a matter of differences and I myself am cut. The way the head can just peek out from the foreskin, the way you can manipulate the foreskin to increase your partner’s pleasure. It does add an extra dimension to a blow job as there is more versatility. But in the end (pardon the pun), I don’t really have one that I would prefer. There are things you can do with an uncut penis which you can do with a cut one. One simply has to adjust one’s methods to whatever is presented before them.”

“I am uncut myself (as is quite common in Germany) and think about it as an advantage. That is when I’m with a guy who really knows how to incorporate the foreskin into a blow job. I’m just putty in the hands of such a guy!”

“So……. I can only tell you about my experiences as a bottom and I think the difference between being fucked by an uncut cock and a cut cock is next to nothing. But maybe the difference for me is alleviated by the fact that using a condom is always a must for me and always has been …. “

One enterprising female blogger, the lovely and talented Emmyjag, decided to conduct her own survey while out on the town in a gay bar and here are her results which I have edited because I laughed so much and this is serious business *g*

“Surprisingly, many of the responses were divided by race. The (non-Causasians) in the group, for example, were uncut, which is fairly common (according to the rest of the table). They (also) liked their guys uncut.”

“The (Caucasian men) preferred cut, because -and I quote- ‘uncut cocks are ugly!’ The guys who were cut preferred their partners to be cut as well, and the ones who were uncut said sex felt better with uncut men. Something about docking, ……. . apparently two uncut guys can pull their foreskins over the tips of each other’s ding dings.”

A comment from someone who has responded to previous polls on the blog

“I guess you would have to put me down for the uncut preferred”

One well known male M/M author provided the following comments by email –

I noted in one of the comments from one guy from Germany that he was ‘ putty in the hands of someone who can incorporate his foreskin during a blow job.’ He would absolutely love me! Having said that, however, let me make it clear that I have nothing against guys (who) were cut. What I prefer about uncut guys is how sensitive they are. As to the subject of ‘docking’ you will not see it in any of my books for the simple reason that I find it practically useless when it comes to sex. I don’t get anything out of it at all. I know some guys do but I’m still trying to figure out what it is they get out of that.”

I have included the following comment in the poll but I must indicate that the person who made it represents an organization in the field of foreskin restoration and sells merchandise for this purpose
, so he does not exactly fit the profile of everyone else who responded to the survey. The organization’s motto is ‘improving the world – one penis at a time‘ 🙂

“Who would want a partner to be missing half the sensual pleasure-receptive nerve endings, or the exquisite rolling/gliding action of the skin tube as it breaks over the corona of the glans? Foreskin feels REALLY good! Without it, the glans and the mucosa just below the glans get somewhat numb. I guess there’s no one answer … “

One female M/M historical writer made a comment that I thought was worthwhile to include, even though technically she is not part of the target group, but her comment has been echoed by some of the men who responded to the poll –

“I prefer my men to be intact. More to play with and there’s something silken and tactile about a foreskin”

The author who started this debate has given me permission to “out” her and she is J.L. Langley who writes M/M books about cowboys, paranormals and the Sci Regency period. Here is what J.L. had to say about why she asked for a poll

It was me. Waves hand in the air. I actually didn’t mind if Wave revealed me, she was being nice though and respecting my privacy. “I try to vary my characters. I’m very character motivated in my writing and what one character may like or dislike tends to be as individual as people truly are. I’ve written characters with my likes and I’ve written characters that I shake my head at and say I don’t get you, we are nothing alike. It’s part of the fun in writing for me. I have, in fact, written both cut and uncut characters. Admittedly, I’ve had to rely heavily on research and a close friend for details on foreskin, because my own experience is limited. As to which I prefer? Cut, but then that is merely because that is what my experience is with. I find the differences interesting and can certainly see the appeal to uncut. As someone stated, it doesn’t matter as much as the person the said penis is attached to.”

Thanks again everyone for your time. We really appreciate your comments and hope you had fun expressing your views on this topic. If there are any additional opinions expressed on this topic on either the blog or Livejournal I’ll update this post. I hope that you’ll join us for our next survey on whatever subject M/M and erotica authors would like your input on to help make their writing more ‘real ‘(kidding!!). I might even write other posts from time to time on topics that I think would be of interest to this group. As a reminder, if you do not have a blog and would like to post on any topics, as long as it’s not on religion or politics, I would be happy to make this blog available to you. Guidelines are provided here


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