A Delicious Taboo Plus Two

Title: A Delicious Taboo Plus Two
Author: Jennifer Cole
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: Contemporary (menage) (M/M/F/M/M)
Length: novel
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


For two years following that first explosive weekend of carnal awakening, Melanie and her four gay lovers have settled into a comfortable life as a family. And as far as any the five lovers are concerned, life just doesn’t get any better!

As they approach their second anniversary, Melanie, Calen, Van, Jake and Philip are about to have their world turned upside down. Will the introduction of two more be a catalyst that blows this family’s perfect world apart?


I started reading this book with great anticipation and high expectations because I wanted to see if the magic I felt when I read its predecessor, A Delicious Taboo, would be replicated. My first thoughts were “Have the intervening two years brought about positive changes in the lives of the characters? How are they coping within the relationship?”

A Delicious Taboo Plus Two is the continuing saga of the lives of two committed bisexual couples and the other love of their lives – Melanie. They are all sharing a home now and Mel takes turns having sex with all four guys which must be exhausting.

The first thing that struck me was the amount of sex in this book – much more than in the first story IMO and the way Mel seemed to thrive on it, and it occurred to me that she must be the most highly sexed woman in any story I have read to date (other than vampires and werewolves, of course) g. In the middle of all this play time they receive news that is both joyful and terrifying and a great deal of the rest of the story is about how they all deal with this new complication.

Because I loved the first book so much I realized that it would take a lot for this new story to meet, let alone exceed my expectations – no small feat. Do I think that the author met the challenge? Yes and No. The story has a lot going for it – the complexity of adding two more people to the union obviously posed a huge challenge but they managed to cope. There is a great deal of humour and angst in this new book as Mel struggles with her fears that date back to her childhood and the author’s solution to resolve her situation had elements of tough love but it worked. The partnership between the lovers to all intents and purposes appears to have clicked, the characterizations were just as good, the story moved along at a steady pace and in addition, the love that was evident in the first book is still there.

Now here’s my observation about the element with which I had some difficulty. Is there ever too much sex in this type of book? I don’t know, but personally I would have wished for more story and a little less sex. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this because I like a fair amount of smexin in my M/M books unless the story involves espionage, murder mystery, political intrigue etc., where my preference is for a whole lot more story than sex. In this case I thought that one woman having sex almost non stop with four men was quite unrealistic and wearing for her unless she’s superwoman, although she definitely seemed to enjoy it. Some of you may ask – why are you even mentioning this? Others may not agree with my observations and wish that they were Mel. I thought I would give my perspective. When/if you read the book you may understand my comments as I can’t explain any further without revealing an important plot point. I do appreciate that these books are fantasies, that the characters are larger than life in most cases and readers don’t want reality to intrude when they’re seeking a measure of escape.

The last 40 or so pages were better than the rest of the book and overall I did enjoy A Delicious Taboo Plus Two because there was a story and the characters were appealing. However I thought the first book was a lot better.


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  • Carolyn Jean
    This is book 2. I thought she would be too tired by the end of book 1 *g* There is a story and a good one and if you like a LOT of the between the sheets action then you should be on your way to Loose-id 🙂

  • This is a fun review. Wow, she has a gay harem. That is so funny that there is too MUCH sex. And with this setup, it’s sort of hard to believe, too.

  • Oh Katiebabs
    Why did I not know that you would think so? She is lucky and we all wish we were in her shoes *g*

  • Hi Leah
    Thanks for dropping by. I really DID like this book and the only reason I made the observation about the sex was what I stated in the review. I recognize that that comment would send readers straight to Loose-id to buy the book but trust me, I’m not the author’s agent *g*

    I think you will enjoy the book as I did because it’s a really good story.

  • Ooooh, I must get this one. I really liked A Delicious Taboo and thought the author did a great job of selling the idea that two bisexual couples could all live together with a straight woman as a fifth and have them all care for each other deeply.

    I also had your feeling of what a nice fantasy, but keeping up with 4 guys seems almost to be a lot of work, although Mel seemed to be fine with it.

    But about more sex, well, this type of book having more sex than story line is fine because lets face it, how often can a situation like that happen outside of fantasy? So I wouldn’t be bothered about a lack of plot in this case.

    Still though, I have a lot of respect for an author who can pull off something like that, making it believable, in a fairly short story. So I will get this one as well.

    Nice review!


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